10 Questions for our alumni


Ryan Fitzgibbon, BFA, Graphic Design, 2009

"Enjoy college, but remember why you�re there and make the most of it."

Amie Bajalieh, BFA, Sculpture, 2003

"I left college with skills I had always wanted to learn but also with a way of thinking, evaluating, and doing that is unique to many of my peers. I thank my Visual and Media Arts Community and my instructors for that."

Dulcee Boehm, BFA, Visual Studies, 2012

"I chose to attend Grand Valley originally because it wasn't only an art school. I thought I wanted to do art, but I also wanted to be able to take lots of different classes in completely different disciplines."

Elyse Flynn, BFA, Graphic Design, 2011

"Try to find a school that really feels right for you. Small, large, in the heart of a city, etc, what speaks to you? The people there, professors and your peers, should equally make you feel comfortable and constantly challenge you to grow."

Matt Lavere, BA, Photography, 2010

"Failure is expected. If you think you know everything - you don't. There's always something to be learned or get better at."

Courtney Jones, BFA, Visual Studies, 2014

"Embrace rejection, and learn from it. Be prepared to forge your own path (pun completely intended here.)"

Eleanore Lubbers, BFA, Illustration, 2016

"Despite my initial desire to go into medical, all the aptitude tests pointed to art. My counselor seemed hesitant to recommend art, �It could just be a hobby.� Friends and family also expressed doubt. However, I went the art route and never looked back."

Zac Freeland, BFA, Graphic Design, 2016

"Always let your desires for success and knowledge outweigh your fear of failure."

Cory Anne Hurless, BA, Art History, 2014 and Anthropology Minor

Talk to other alumni, ask those who have already graduated (and have a job) for their perspective on their educational experience. Look at where several alumni are working after graduating (not just a few examples- there are always high or low achievers).

Molly Labeff-Cabello, BA, Photography, 2016

"I really got a lot out of mastering analog photography in the program at GVSU. The way the courses were set up to deeply understand composition, highlights, shadows, time, lighting with film before moving onto digital was helpful for me."

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