Illustration Seniors join local gallerist in the debut of Grand Rapids pop-up Gallery Space

April 13, 2018

Illustration Seniors join local gallerist in the debut of Grand Rapids pop-up Gallery Space

Illustration BFA Students are partnering with longtime Grand Rapids artist and curator Richard App in his new concept that aims to turn the idea of a traditional exhibition space. The former owner of the Richard App Gallery, located in the East Hills neighborhood, closed the space after 17 years and decided to launch a new venture called The NOMAD Gallery by Richard App.

Nomad is a pop-up gallery that will feature art in different vacant spaces across West Michigan. The artwork will be displayed in temporary locations for a limited time until it packs itself and opens in another location.

The first event of Nomad Gallery partnered with Rockford Construction to occupy the former lobby and basement of the historic Morton Hotel in Grand Rapids, recently converted into apartments and condominiums.

The illustration majors will feature their work in the basement level of the space from April 13 to May 18 in an exhibition titled EMERGE. At the ground level, several different artists will be featured. In their exhibition statement, students say:

"EMERGE redefines barriers, collecting a diverse range of individual voices while unfolding as a whole. Comprised of both digital and traditional mediums, the artists define their own thematic styles and processes. Experience a spectrum of perspectives and passions, within an environment that reflects possibilities."

The fourteen students will present their work developed in the Senior Project course, a self-guided capstone experience in which the students work on a single project for the entire semester with faculty supervision and advising.

The event has recently received coverage in the Grand Rapids Business Journal and MLive. You can also read more info about EMERGE on the Facebook event.


(Photo credits by NOMAD Gallery by Richard App)

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