Visual Studies Major Megan Galvin featured in GV Magazine

August 06, 2017

Visual Studies Major Megan Galvin featured in GV Magazine

Senior Visual Studies major Megan Galvin is featured in a story in GV magazine about the University and its community engagement on the West Side of Grand Rapids. Galvin moved to the West Side after being in Civic Studio for their first project on Straight Avenue in the Fall of 2015 which culminated in the projects "At the Plum Grove" and the "Westown Scenarios" and hosted Metis artist Dylan AT Miner. She was also a member of the studio for the project in the same place that produced "Liminal Dissonance", hosted the community for an afternoon of dialog about the history of the area called "Table Talks", and presented visiting artist Bea Santiago Muñoz from Puerto Rico. 

Galvin has focused on community engagement in her work with these Civic Studio projects, working at a west side business, assisting with GVSU's first Good Neighbor Orientation, and doing two internships with the Avenue for the Arts on Division Avenue, which culminated in a participatory public art project.

You can read the GV magazine piece here:

For information on the project "At the Plum Grove", visit: You can also see two images of the project; at the plumb grove entrance and in the studio space



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