VMA Alum featured on Regional Newspaper Petoskey News

September 14, 2017

VMA Alum featured on Regional Newspaper Petoskey News

An artist, a bartender, an yoga instructor, and a trivia host. You may think we are talking of a group of four separate people but we are really talking about just one. Michael Swartz, a Visual and Media Arts alum, started his journey as a Laker in the engineering program and quickly realized he wanted to pursue his artistic abilities cultivated since childhood. That is when he switched his major to studio art. 

Since then, Swartz is a local celebrity in the Petoskey area. People not only know him as the "Trivia Guy", but also because of his work in permanent exhibition in various downtown Petoskey locations. Because of all his accomplishments, the local newspaper Petoskey News decided to feature Swartz's profile on their page, which you can read here.

For more information about Swartz, and his work, visit his website at


(Image Courtesy of Michael Swartz)

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