VMA Visitor Searches 2022

Use this form to submit applications for three Visiting Faculty positions in Foundations, Studio Art, and Introduction to Art in the Department of Visual and Media Arts at Grand Valley State University. The position descriptions can be found here: 

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Work Samples

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Index of Applicant Interest/Proficiency

Please indicate teaching interests/proficiencies in the following learning and studio contexts. Indicate level of proficiency (familiar, competent, expert)

Introduction to Art (Art Appreciation)

Art Writing (Writing about Art and Artist Statements)

2D Design and Color


Time Studio (art, video, sound, action)

Space Studio (art, installation, environment, site)

Interactive Studio (art, interface, collaboration)

Civic Studio (art in public)

Image Studio (art, production, meaning, display)

Graphic Design

Print Design (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)

Web Design, Coding, Programming

Digital Image Production and Presentation Technologies, (large format printing, vector-based drawing, projection, mounting/lamination, combined media)

Camera: Still



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