Military Records

If you do not have your military records, obtain a Standard Form 180 and submit to receive military records. The SF-180 can be located here.   

Joint Service Transcripts (JST)

Obtaining your JST will actually benefit your college experience.  By obtaining your JST, you will possibly being minimizing the required credits you need toward graduation.  Some of the training you received through the military actually counts as college credits. CLICK HERE to register and obtain your Joint Service Transcripts.

CLEP and DSST Examination Programs

If you are a service member interested in taking advantage of FREE CLEP exams, please review the attached document showing step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. CLEP and DSST are great tools for service members to earn college credit hours by demonstrating competency in various subject areas. The DANTES website also provides study resources for various subjects and practice tests. Explore the DANTES website at  

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) passing scores and GVSU equivalencies.

DANTES SUBJECT STANDARDIZED TEST (DSST) passing scores and GVSU equivalencies.