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Veteran on Campus Training Module for faculty and staff

CMVE CHALLENGE GRANT:  30 minutes = $500 to support GVSU student veterans

Through a unique opportunity with Kognito and the Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators (CMVE), GVSU faculty and staff have an opportunity to participate in a highly-acclaimed training program to better understand some of the unique situations that military veterans may encounter during their transition to becoming a successful university student.

The Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators (CMVE) is using a portion of its generous Kresge Foundation award to provide Kognito licensing for all public colleges and universities in Michigan for unlimited on-campus use of the Veterans on Campus online training module geared toward improving faculty and staff military cultural competencies.

CMVE has set an ambitious goal of 5,000 completions across the state before our contract ends. If we meet an institutional participation goal of 252 trained staff and faculty before May 30, 2018, our campus will be rewarded with a $500 student veteran challenge grant to be used in support of our military-connected students.

Completing the module is quick and easy! Visit https://micmve.org/kognito-veterans-on-campus/ for instructions on how to access the module from your computer and for more details on the challenge grant opportunity.


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Page last modified November 20, 2017