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Feb. 20th "Nuclear Proliferation: New Worries"

February 17, 2017

"Nuclear Proliferation: New Worries"

 with Jack Segal, National Security Council Director for Nonproliferation (former)

Monday, February 20, 2017
6:00PM - 7:15PM 

Nuclear security is a topic no one wants to discuss. And we don't want to worry about it, though worst-case scenarios are terrifying. With thousands of nuclear warheads deployed and in storage around the world, it seems inevitable that terrorists will eventually get their hands on a warhead, or will gain access to dangerously radioactive materials for a "dirty bomb."  Yet in the seventy-five years of the nuclear era, this hasn't happened.  Why?

A combination of sensible control regimes, careful monitoring, and good luck have kept us safe from nuclear terror - so far.  Will our good fortune continue?

Location:  Aquinas College Performing Arts Center

(On Robinson Rd., one block West of Plymouth Rd.) 

Map of Aquinas College Campus

Cost:  $10 

FREE convenient parking! Public invited. No reservations needed. Pay at door.

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Join #GlobalConnections after the event for "Drinks and Discussion" at Derby Station !  If you would like to meet new people while discussing the topic and enjoying food and drink, please join us.  There is no cost to attend the meet up; food and drink is on your own.


Location: 2237 Wealthy St. Suite 130, East Grand Rapids, 49506

(Corner of Bagley Ave. and Wealthy St. downtown East Grand Rapids) 



Coming up on Mon., Feb. 27. . . 

"South China Sea: Clash of Strategies" 

with John Adams, Brigadier General United States Army (retired)

It often seems that the U.S. and China don't understand each other, creating policies that risk conflict. Complicating matters, the economic and security policy of the US towards China is interlinked, presenting unintended strategic challenges and sometimes constraining our courses of action in the region. Is a clash with China inevitable? General Adams provides a roadmap for how the US should deal with this growing world power.

World Affairs Council of Western Michigan | 616.776.1721 |  |

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