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GVS University Club Membership Application

We welcome eligible employees and retirees to submit an application. You may apply by completing the online application below or download, complete, and mail a printed application form

Annual Membership

  • Dues $52: payable via payroll deduction
  • Membership is open to employees of GVSU in at least a one-half time appointment or retired from such a position.
  • Membership includes immediate family: spouse/partner and dependent children.

* denotes a required field

Campus Profile

Residence Profile

Volunteer Opportunities

Payroll Deduction Authorization

I hereby authorize Grand Valley State University to deduct cost of membership in the GVS University Club. I understand that the current annual membership fee is $52. I understand that payroll deduction will begin with my next check, and that deductions will be continuous year-to-year unless notified otherwise. I may cancel membership at any time by notifying the GVS University Club Administrator.