TRIO Upward Bound Administrative Staff

Josh Brandsen

Josh Brandsen

TRIO Upward Bound Director

Office Address: 370C DEV
Phone: (616) 331-3423

Josh Brandsen currently serves as the Director of TRIO Upward Bound.

You can email Josh at

Margarita Chappell

Margarita Chappell

TRIO Upward Bound Associate Director

Office Address: 372C DEV
Phone: (616) 331-6862

Margarita Chappell currently serves as the Associate Director for TRIO Upward Bound. Margarita, who is an Upward Bound program alumni from Union High School, joined the team in May 2016. Margarita attended Western Michigan University where she double majored in Criminal Justice and Sociology and went on to receive her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan. Her master level focus was on community organizing and youth development. Margarita is passionate about social justice, creativity, education, food, poetry, and working with teens! She is excited to be back with the Upward Bound family after nearly 10 years away.

You can email Margarita at

Bonnie Peterson

Headshot photo of Bonnie Peterson

TRIO Upward Bound Office Coordinator

Office Address: 396C DEV
Phone: (616) 331-3144

Bonnie Peterson currently serves as the Office Coordinator for TRIO Upward Bound.  Previously Bonnie served as a program assistant with Great Start Readiness Program at Kent Intermediate School District. She began her professional career at Grand Rapids Community College, which sparked her passion for higher education and serving students academically, professionally and personally.  Bonnie has vast experience working with low income, first generation and at risk students and families.  She strives to make education accessible to all and to provide the resources and supports necessary for students to be successful. 

Bonnie earned an Associates degree from Grand Rapids Community College and a Bachelors of Liberal Studies at Grand Valley State University. 

You can email Bonnie at


Yessenia Aguillon

TRIO Upward Bound Intern

Office Address: 396C DEV
Phone: (616) 331-3144

Yessenia Aguillon currently serves as the TRIO Upward Bound intern.

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