This 6-minute video defines a Self-study, describes the audience for your Self-study, and outlines the steps involved in writing a Self-study. The Self-study for every unit on campus is DUE by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Guidelines and Prompts

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Self-study is to show strengths and successes, and to keep track of key goals that the unit wishes to continue working on to improve the unit.

  1. Please focus on big, key issues and important takeaways for the unit as the University moves into the next Strategic Development cycle.
  2. A quality Self-Study can be completed in 7-10 pages or less (roughly 1000 words per text box). Please view the Self-Study as an opportunity to identify KEY findings or concerns that the unit wishes to preserve or change going forward. The Self-Study should not be a comprehensive review of the last 5-6 years in the life of the unit.
  3. Please address each of the six question items in the Self-Study located in the GVAdvance website. From the GVAdvance main menu page, locate the GVReview Section and select Assemble Self-Study Reporting. Please follow the guidelines and BRIEFLY address each of the six question items, touching on roughly 1-5 key issues per question.
  4. For units with both undergraduate and graduate programs, address each question for undergraduate programs (describe first) and for graduate programs (describe second). Please remember that the Self-Study is for the unit as a whole, not for individual programs (majors, minors, emphases, certificates, etc.) within a unit. Each unit will complete ONE Self-Study.

An example outline can be accessed at this link (Prompt 6 link updated 3-1-21).

A link to the University website with the University Commitment videos with transcripts, is linked here for prompt 6.

Example draft for prompt 1

The Chemistry Department has agreed to post a draft of their response to the first Self-study prompt, What are some of the strengths (1-5) of the unit and where/how is the unit excelling? What improvements have been realized relative to implementation and accomplishment of the Strategic Plan?

Link to sample Self-study prompt Q1

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