FUSE Conference

FUSE: Connecting Young Professionals

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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GVSU Traverse City is offering two scholarships to the Annual FUSE Conference. Please follow the RSVP link above in order to fill out a Google Form to be entered to win one of the two scholarship opportunities to attend the conference.

Annually, we gather for a full day of engaging and inspiring conversations and seminars focused on building the future leaders of our community. Please join us for the 11th Annual Professional Development Fuse Conference! This year we will be featuring 5 amazing speakers:

Shae Petaja & Chelsea Bay Dennis: Creator and host of "Fulfillament"

Presenting on: "Know your personal story to bring fulfillment to your career"
Chelsea Bay Dennis and Shea Petaja created and host, “Fulfillament”, a LIVE storytelling even featuring local community leaders who tell their personal story towards fulfillment through their work. They are ‘yin and yang’ as business partners and friends. Chelsea has been a solo entrepreneur for most of her career as a graphic designer and video producer for entities that are doing good in the world. Shea is a creative who works in finance and is a radio personality. She has been an employee her entire career. Chelsea wears color, rises early, and walks everywhere; Shea wears black, stays up late, and loves to drive. What do they have in common? They are both certified life coaches who came together to create Fulfillament to help our community COME ALIVE in what they do, regardless of whether the work for themselves or someone else. They are entering their 5th season of Fulfillament and have yet to tell their own personal stories publicly. These ladies will take the stage to tell their story for the first time ever at FUSE! After the lunch break, they will work with conference participants to coach them on how to understand and tell their own story for greater fulfillment and professional advancement.

Kathy Grinsteiner: Provider Relations Manager from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Kathy Grinsteiner serves as the Provider Relations Manager for northern and west Michigan at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan/Blue Care Network. She also has experience working in Training and Development and Human Resources. 
In addition to her regular duties, Kathy leads a statewide frontline leader development program, and recently led the implementation of a statewide provider training strategy for Blue Cross. 

Kathy earned a graduate degree in Communication from Grand Valley State University. 

She has presented at two national conferences, and has facilitated numerous workshops focused on leadership development, communication and conflict resolution. 

Presenting on: "from Boomers to Zers..and Generations In Between"
With four generations working together in an increasingly non-traditional environment, conflict is inevitable. 
The good news is that the opportunity to harness our differences and increase collaboration has never been greater!
Learn more about what makes each generation unique and, most importantly, how to leverage that information to benefit you and your organization.

Ben Whiting: Leadership Development Consultant
Ben Whiting is an international keynote speaker and leadership development consultant. With a background in theatre, corporate entertainment, and leadership development, his performance style guarantees that not only will his audience learn effective, actionable strategies to improve their communication and business, but that they will have a lot of fun doing so!

Presenting on: "The Magic of Effective Networking"
In this presentation you'll learn the secrets of better business through better relationships, and the most effective way you can market yourself (without spending a lot).

Jonathan Pool: Leadership Strategist / Creative Thinker 
Jonathan Pool is a Business and Life Strategist who equips bold leaders to chart new territory – territory that is off the conventional map.  After spending the past decade working with entrepreneurs and multi-million dollar growth firms, Jonathan has a deep understanding of how leaders and organizations differentiate, grow and thrive - and it’s not by following a canned strategy.  It is by aligning talent with a compelling vision in a way that leverages potential and overcomes barriers to growth.

Jonathan has equipped over 200 leaders at Otterbox™ to chart their own entrepreneurial pathways in career and life, guided JDA Worldwide to alignment and traction on a ground breaking business venture, is trained in the Allender Center’s internationally recognized methodology to overcome trauma based barriers to growth, and has been a master facilitator and trainer of Tom Paterson’s best-in-class strategic planning process. He is considered an indispensible resource to clients pursuing what is truly possible.

Presenting On: "How Great Leaders Chart Their Own Path"
Do you ever wonder why some people seem to move forward with purpose and grace?  They know where they are headed, and have an understanding of what can keep them stuck.  They are the ones charting their own path, even when they are not in charge.
In this keynote Jonathan will teach you how to identify, align, and leverage your talents in a way that can maximize your potential and that of your team.  He will draw from his experience helping over 200 Otterbox employees proactively pursue professional and personal growth.  You will walk away with the strategic framework to chart your own path.


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