Integrative Studies

The Liberal Studies degree is part of Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies which emphasizes integrative learning of various disciplines.  This degree allows you to enter directly in a career or prepares you for furthering your education in a graduate program.  The Liberal Studies degree allows you to gain knowledge in advanced critical thinking, interdisciplinary approaches, social responsibility and intercultural awareness.

In some cases, you can use previous coursework from various institutions to craft a self designed bachelor program that suits your specific interests, talents, and career goals. Working closely with a faculty advisor, you will develop a major area of study based on a specific theme, issue, problem, or career interest.

The Traverse City program provides the Liberal Studies core courses and a selection of electives that apply to your emphasis area. You will combine coursework transferred from NMC, other community colleges, or four year institutions to complete the degree requirements.

Sample emphasis areas listed below include coursework from NMC and GVSU in Traverse City. It is not an all-inclusive list, other emphasis areas can be planned with your faculty advisor.

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor Art Degree options

  • Humanities and Culture
  • Child Development and Society
  • Environmental Leadership Emphasis
  • Law and Society (Pre-Law)
  • Health and Human Development (Pre-med, Pre-PA, etc)
  • Social Entrepreneur Leadership
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Other concentrations available-see GVSU advisor

View the Liberal Studies Major Study Plan as downloadable pdf.

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