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Summer Trip to Mackinac Island 2021

On Thursday, July 29th, TRIO TPSSS took a day trip to one of Michigan’s most historic and popular destinations, Mackinac Island. The experience was great! The students floated across Lake Michigan to the island via the Shepler's Ferry. It was a first for a couple of the students, and they enjoyed the ride to the fullest! Once they arrived on the island, the excitement grew. Our first stop was lunch! After a three-and-a-half-hour drive, everyone was hungry. The travelers visited the number one pizza shop on the island (according to Tripadvisor), “Island Slice Pizzeria”. With their bellies full, they were ready to start the day!

The first thing on the agenda was a horse carriage tour around Mackinac Island. We had Brian, our hilarious tour guide, to accompany us on our ride! Four of the students sat on the very front, and Brian was sure to let them know that they would be part of the entertainment. During the tour, we learned about Downtown Mackinac Island, a few of the buildings, and their history. We also made a stop at the Grand Hotel.

On the second part of the tour, we learned about Arch Rock, and about the wildlife on the island. At the end of the carriage tour, we stopped at Fort Mackinac, also known as “the Fur” to learn about the war on Mackinac Island in 1812-1815. During the time at Fort Mackinac, we all experience a cannon demonstration. Before we left Mackinac Island, we had to stop for some Mackinac Island Fudge! On the ferry ride back, the wind was blowing, and the water was a little choppy. This created splashes and some of our students enjoyed an unexpected shower from the waters of Lake Michigan!

Overall, this trip was a reminder that Michigan’s beauty illuminates vibrantly through all four seasons. Student, Keylaiha, said it best, “People don’t usually travel in Michigan because they think, “Oh, it’s just Michigan”. However, Michigan has more to offer and is bigger than we think. Michigan has many adventures just waiting to be explored, and they’re right in our backyard!” Though it was only a day trip, it was filled with smiles, tons of important information, and most importantly, the TRIO spirit that lives through us every day!
Shout out to our Program Director and Program Advisor, Aliya and Hector for putting together an amazing trip. Thanks, also, to Hector for making sure the students arrived safely there and back from the island. Let us not forget about Derrick, our Graduate Assistant for all of the great pictures!

Alternative Spring Break Trip to Memphis - 2021

From February 29th through March 5th, students had the opportunity to travel to Memphis to tour a graduate school, attend the Aladdin Broadway Musical, as well explore the culture and city of Memphis. Students also visited the Civil Rights Museum and explored the history of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States from the 17th century to present day. Program students also had the opportunity to volunteer at the Mid South Food bank and Elmwood Cemetery while in Memphis as well. This trip was a great opportunity for students to explore a new place while making lasting relationships with other students.


National First Generation Day 2019

Every year on November 8th, colleges and universities around the US observe “National First Generation College Student Day”. This past National First Gen Day at GVSU, Our TRIO programs banded together to observe the day with a celebration! Action-packed with performances from KPOP, the Royal Dancers, along with the GVSU Irish Dance Club, the TRIO National First Gen Day event was nothing short of a good time! Our very own, President Mantella, served as the Keynote speaker for the evening. Sponsors of the evening included Meijer, Peppinos, and Jimmy Johns. A raffle was done, many pictures were taken, and alumni First-Gen students came and gave their testimonies. All in all, it was a night to remember.

Lion King

On April 12th, 2018 TRIO SSS, STEM-HS, and TPSSS students and staff traveled to Kalamazoo to see Lion King at the Miller Auditorium.  This experience was wonderful for first time theater attendees and theater fanatics! The Lion King show was unforgettable. 

TRIO Academic Achievement Ceremony

On April 10th, TRIO Staff, students, and GVSU faculty came together to celebrate the academic achievement and graduation of TRIO students! First generation college graduate, President T. Haas shared opening remarks of encouragement and support with us. Our key note speaker, Dr. Mark Schaub from the Padnos international Center, shared with us his global perspective on education and his
experiences abroad. Dr. Schaub encouraged students to share their narratives and their experiences abroad.

2017-18 graduates were honored with TRIO stoles by TRIO directors Aliya Armstrong (TPSSS), Dr. Nykia Gaines (STEM-HS), and MarcQus Wright(SSS).

2018 MI-CAPP Student Leadership Conference

On March 2nd through March 4th TRIO students from across Michigan college campuses and universities attended the Annual Michigan College Access Program & Personal (MI-CAPP) Student Leadership Conference. The purpose of this event was to bring together students who have an active interest in broadening their success in college and to celebrate the great value and influence of TRIO programs on college campuses. Both high school and college students enjoyed keynote speakers and participated in various valuable advising sessions. The MI-CAPP Student Leadership Conference is hosted as a Scholarship Award Banquet and a Leadership Award breakfast to acknowledge students in the TRIO programs who excel beyond expectations. Scholarships were awarded in three categories: Study Aboard, Academic Achievement, and Academic Improvement. Leadership Awards were also distributed to great performing program participants in each program. This year, students from TRIO Student Support Services, TRIO STEM, TRIO Teacher Preparation Student Support Services (TPSSS), and Upward Bound were recipients at the 2018 MI-CAPP Student Leadership Conference.

TRIO TPSSS students Darwin Harris and Antewnet Melton were awarded MI-CAPP scholarships. Darwin Harris was awarded a scholarship in Academic Achievement. Antewnet Melton was awarded a scholarship in Study Abroad Academic Achievement. TPSSS students Kelli Nemetz and Rocio Velasquez were also recognized for their leadership in the TRIO TPSSS program.

Indianapolis Trip

More than 15 TRIO students and staff members traveled to Indianapolis on May 4-5th, 2017. TRIO Teacher Preparation Student Support Services (TPSSS) and TRIO STEM-HS visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art and Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. During their stay they toured the campus of Big Ten Purdue University. Their walking tour of campus included the statue of astronaut Neil Armstrong, a highlight of the students visit. Tours of one of only two Amazon delivery college locations in the US, and mock space shuttles were impressive and  motivational sights.


2017 MI-CAPP Student Leadership Conference

February 24th through February 26th, 2017 TRIO students from all programs from different universities and colleges had the ability to connect and engage with community members. The purpose of this event was to bring together students who have an active interest in broadening their success in college and to celebrate the great value and influence of TRIO  programs. Both high school and college students enjoyed many delicious meals, key-note speakers, and valuable advising sessions about anything from finding your own brand to scholarships to the history of TRIO programs.

The conference hosted both a Scholarship Award Banquet and a Leadership Award breakfast to acknowledge students in the TRIO programs who excel beyond expectations. Scholarships were awarded in  three categories: Study Abroad, Academic    Improvement,  and Academic Achievement. Leadership Awards were director-chosen and based on great leaders in each  program. Six of  the recipients were Grand Valley TRIO students.


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