Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the TRIO Teacher Preparation Student Support Services (TPSSS) at Grand Valley State University.

How can I apply to the TRIO TPSSS Program?
You may apply online to TPSSS using our online application
or download the PDF application and return the completed application to:
396C DeVos Center
401 W. Fulton St.
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

How do I know if I have a teachable major?
Talk to your advisor.

Can I transfer into the program from another institution?
Yes. If you are a transfer student or have changed your program to a teachable major, you may be eligible.

What if I switch majors?
If you change your major to a teachable major, you can apply to join TPSSS. If you are considering changing your major from a teachable major, please talk to your TPSSS advisor.

I am already part of the College of Education. Am I automatically part of TPSSS?
No. In order to be a part of TPSSS, you must have a teachable major and have applied and been accepted into the TPSSS. Full requirements for acceptance into TPSSS are on our Apply page.

How do I know if I have been accepted into TPSSS?
You will receive an email from TPSSS.

Does TPSSS cost me anything?
No, TPSSS is a free program, funded through grants. There is no cost at anytime to be a part of the TRIO TPSSS program.

I graduated from GVSU and want to take the PRE now, can you help me?
At this time, TPSSS serves undergraduate students only.

Is TPSSS on social media?
Yes, find us on Facebook:

Page last modified November 16, 2017