Your Rights & Responsibilities

The university must respond to all incidents of sexual misconduct. 

  • All members of the campus community have the right to have reported incidents addressed according to university policies.
  • Reporting parties have the right to receive protective measures BEFORE any formal reporting.
    These include but are not limited to:
    • Issuing a “No contact/Cease and Desist” order to the respondent.
    • Reasonable changes to the victim/complainant’s and/or the respondent’s housing, class, sports schedule and/or campus job.
  • Reporting parties and witnesses will receive amnesty for minor infractions (e.g., alcohol and drug violations) that are secondary to the incidents of sexual misconduct.
  • Reporting parties have the right to have their allegations investigated and resolved internally by GVSU. 
  • Reporting parties have the right to notify law enforcement of incidents of sexual misconduct and to receive assistance from campus personnel in doing so. 
  • Throughout the process the Reporting Party and Respondent may have a Support Person present at any meeting they participate in that is related to the review of the reported sexual misconduct. (This person can be an advisor, advocate, attorney, family member, friend, or faculty member.)
  • Respondents have the right, and can expect, to be provided notice of the allegations and an opportunity to respond to the allegations before actions is taken against a respondent.  
  • All parties have the right to written notice of the outcome of sexual misconduct resolution proceedings. 

Any questions or concerns please direct them to -

Title IX Coordinator & Equity Officer:
Theresa Rowland
Office:  616-331-9530
Fax:  616-331-3684