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Disclose Anonymously

Disclose Anonymously

You may submit anonymous disclosures of sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct to GVSU's Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity. Through the online anonymous form, you can let us know of a concern, communicate with a member of our office, and access resources without revealing your identity.

Individuals who prefer to disclose concerns to GVSU anonymously can visit the Anonymous Disclosures page.

The disclosure form is hosted by an independent, third-party vendor who provides secure, anonymous reporting services. 

If you are unable to access the anonymous reporting form for any reason, you may still anonymously submit a disclosure to the Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity. To do so by phone, you may call our office at (616) 331-9530 from a blocked number and withhold your name when you speak with one of our staff. Or, you may email our office at [email protected] from an email address that does not contain personally-identifying information. You may share as much or as little information as you feel comfortable.

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Page last modified August 19, 2020