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Some individuals prefer a supportive response only, others choose to request a university investigation, and some choose both.  We're here to help inform your decision and which path feels right for you.

Learn about Supportive Measures

Supportive measures are individualized supports/modifications designed to restore & preserve equal access to programs, activities, studies, and work at GVSU; protect the safety of all parties and the educational environment; and deter sexual misconduct.

Report to GVSU

If you have experienced, witnessed, or been impacted by sexual misconduct or harassment, you may wish to report the incident to access supportive measures, protections, and resources.

Disclose Anonymously

You may submit anonymous disclosures of sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct to GVSU's Office for Title IX and Institutional Equity through an independent, third-party vendor who provides secure, anonymous reporting services.

Report to Police

The Grand Valley Police Department offers assistance with filing a report and support through the legal process. You may wish to report to law enforcement as information only, or request an investigation.

Explore GVSU Resources

GVSU has many resources available to provide you with both immediate and long-term support and guidance, including counseling and victim advocacy.

Seek Crisis Help

Immediate services, support, and referrals are available through local, state, and national resources offering confidential crisis phone and chat lines.

Find Medical Care

If you have experienced sexual misconduct, you have medical care options. You may choose any combinations of the options listed in this section that you feel is right for you, including free and confidential nurse examiner programs.

Page last modified August 19, 2020