Shakespeare Scholarship Application

Shakespeare Scholarships, Branstrom Award, and Production Service Awards applications are due on March 1 of each year for all students.

  • Shakespeare Scholarships are available to Theatre majors only. Please fill out an application through myScholarship by March 1 to be eligible. Incoming freshmen and transfer students must arrange for an audition/interview on March 19 by contacting Jack Lane at 616-331-2300 or email It is recommended that you bring a resume or portfolio of your past experience for the audition/interview.

    The GVSU School of Communications has created a scholarship to award to students who are interested in Theatre.

  1. Scholarship is awarded to entering or continuing students majoring in Theater
  2. New or transfer students must already have applied and been admitted to GVSU
  3. Must participate in some way with the Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival and one other production during the academic year
  4. Students must continue to remain in good academic standing
  5. Must be full-time
  • All incoming freshman and transfer students will be required to present an audition and have an interview with the drama faculty on the GVSU campus, March 19 at 11am to 1pm. Winners of this award will be notified within two weeks of their audition/interview. For current guidelines and requirements to prepare your audition go to the Theatre Program website.

    Application Process: To apply for this scholarship please see Theatre Arts Scholarship Application in myScholarships.

  • Shakespeare Production Service Awards are available to all Theatre majors and non-majors. Please fill out a free application through MyScholarships by March 1 at 3pm to be eligible. Click here to see all the available Production Service Awards!
  • Branstrom Award is awarded annually and more information can be found here:

Remember to be considered for a Shakespeare Scholarship, you must commit to majoring in Theatre. Roles in the production and other awards do not require a major in Theatre and are open to all students. Once you have submitted an application there are many scholarships available so check:

And look under Theatre Arts Scholarship Application for all Theatre scholarships.

If you know that you would like to audition for a part in the production and/or a Scholarship, please just let us know and we'll get it set up! It shouldn't be too demanding at all so do not to fret! If you have questions or would like more details, please call us at 616-331-8176 or email at

Page last modified September 18, 2017