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Theatre Majors, Minors, & Non-Majors scholarships are available.


For Shakespeare Festival Scholarships, Branstrom Award, Gibert R. and Patricia K. Davis Scholarship and Production Service Awards, please go to MyScholarships and complete an application. Once you submit an application you will be able to search for scholarship opportunities. Remember, the deadline to submit your application is March 1, 2019. You must apply each year to be considered.

  • Shakespeare Scholarship  Shakespeare Scholarships are available to Theatre majors only. Please fill out an application through MyScholarships by March 1 to be eligible. Incoming freshmen and transfer students must arrange for an audition/interview on March 19 by contacting Jack Lane at 616-331-2300 or email It is recommended that you bring a resume or portfolio of your past experience for the audition/interview.

Shakespeare Scholarship and Production Service Award applications for current GVSU students, incoming freshmen and transfer students are due on March 1 at 3pm through MyScholarships. Incoming freshmen and transfer students must complete an audition/interview so please contact Jack Lane to schedule a March 19 audition/interview.

Performance Studio Series applications for Directors, Stage Managers, and Designers, are due at midnight, March 19! The completed applications should be submitted through the Theatre Blackboard Site. See the Blackboard Site for more details. Incoming freshmen or transfer, please feel free to email it to or fax it to 616-331-8105.

*Incoming Freshmen and Transferring students entering in the Fall must be a Theatre Major to be eligible for a Shakespeare Scholarship. Click here for incoming and transfer information.

Shakespeare Scholarships & Production Service Awards

2019 Shakespeare Scholarships and Production Service Awards deadline - March 1, 2019 at midnight! New deadline! Incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible but must fill out an application and arrange an audition/interview. Apply Online at My Scholarships by clicking here. All candidates MUST reapply to be considered.

Shakespeare Scholarships & Branstrom Scholarships

This application serves as an application specifically for the Theatre Arts Scholarship Awards. By applying for this scholarship you will automatically be considered for these theatre (theater) scholarships:

  • Shakespeare Scholarships - available to current GVSU students and incoming freshmen and incoming students as Theatre majors only. Requirements: Theatre majors only, full-time student status, good academic standing, must participate in the Fall Shakespeare Festival and one other production during the academic year. Available to incoming freshmen and transfer students majoring in Theatre but you must complete an audition/interview. Contact Jack Lane to arrange an audition/interview.
  • Shakespeare Production Service Awards - available to all students regardless of major. Please click here to see all the awards!
  • Gilbert R. and Patricia K. Davis Endowed Theatre Scholarship: Remembering Shakespeare
  • Branstrom Scholarship Award - please click here to see the award information.

    Branstrom Fine Arts Scholarship for School of Communications - Theatre, Film/Video and Photography

    This scholarship is intended for high achieving students pursuing a degree in theatre, film/video or photography. Applicants must be majoring in Theatre, Film/Video or Photography

  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Be enrolled full time
  • Application Process: Contact the Communications Department for more information. No formal application required, students are awarded by faculty nomination.

  • Application for Theatre (theater) majors/minors please see Theatre Arts Scholarship application in myScholarships.
  • Award Up to $1,000

    Scopes:  College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Communications, Film and Video, Theatre

    Deadline:  03/01/2019

Amounts will vary depending on scholarship.

Supplemental Questions

  1. Did you upload a resume on your General Application? Note: a resume is required for this scholarship application.
  2. Expected graduation date:
  3. Please list all drama classes and workshops in which you have been enrolled, plays you have acted in or worked backstage on (including location of play and role/tech assignment), as well as any related experience or skills you may have (such as dancing or singing skills, forensics experience, etc).
  4. Please submit a 500 word essay or less describing why you chose your major and your plans after graduation.
  5. Please list at least one individual who knows you and whom we might contact for further information regarding your application. Please include their name, position, phone number and email address.

Shakespeare Production Service Awards

Shakespeare Production Service Awards:  Available to Theatre majors, minors, and non-Theatre majors. Please go to MyScholarships. Due by March 1, 2019! To be considered you MUST reapply each year.

Shakespeare Festival Service Awards are available to any Grand Valley student—there is no restriction for theatre majors or minors. Service Awards require roughly 60 hours of service working in a particular area or on specific Shakespeare Festival events. All but one of the awards pays $625 for the work completed and provides students with hands on experience in the area covered by the service award. One award is a two semester award that pays a total of $750 for the two semesters.

There may be some variation by year, but generally service awards are in the following areas. Students who apply should indicate the award or awards for which they wish to be considered and any experience that would make them a good selection for the awards.

  • Scene Shop Assistance —Working a schedule of 60 hours in the Theatre Scene Shop. Students awarded a Scene Shop Assistant Service Award may be asked to arrive to campus a week before the semester starts to begin their service award hours. (2 awarded)
  • Costume Shop Assistance —Working a schedule of 60 hours in the Theatre Costume Shop. The ability to sew is a necessary skill for this service award. (1 awarded)
  • Wardrobe Assistant —Supervising wardrobe needs for the Festival Mainstage production. (1 awarded)
  • Master Electrician —Working with the Festival Lighting Designer to help hang and focus lights and set cues. (1 awarded)
  • Production Properties Supervisor —Supervising properties for the Festival Mainstage production, including purchasing, building, and pulling props. Award winner needs a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle and needs to be able to attend production meetings. (1 awarded)
  • Theatre Properties Supervisor —Supervising properties storage for fall and winter semester. The awardee will work with each production’s props supervisor to check out and return props to storage. (1 awarded for $750)
  • Schools and Catering Coordinator —Works with Festival Managing Director to coordinate catering needs for Festival functions. Awardee also works with Festival Managing Director, box office supervisor, and Festival School’s Liaison to coordinate the Festival Mainstage matinee performance ushering and lunch needs. (1 awarded)
  • Festival Production Assistant —Works with the Festival Managing Director to assist with Festival promotional and social media needs. (1 awarded)
  • Festival Greenshow Director/Concessions coordinator —Directs the Festival’s Greenshow Renaissance Dressed performance and supervises that cast’s work selling concessions for the Mainstage production.

Other Theatre Scholarships and Awards

Theatre Application: New deadline - due March 19, 2019 at midnight! To be considered, you MUST reapply each year.

Production Assignments: Performance Studio Series (directing), Production Stage Managers, Designers (Lights/Costumes/Sets), Senior Projects

Requirements: Full-time or part-time student status, good academic standing, must complete assignments for the Fall Shakespeare Festival.
Materials: Completed application cover form and application letter, specifying your assignment preference, resume, current Degree Progress Report
Note: You must specify your assignment preference, but the Theatre faculty may not be able to accommodate your preference and might assign you to other areas or projects.

Stage Directors of Performance Studio Series - for an application please click here!

Requirements: Full-time student status, good academic standing, must have completed CTH 365 with a grade of B or better (pending your final grade for currently enrolled students). If accepted, you must enroll in one of the following: CTH 298, 498 or 499 during the semester of your project.
Materials: Performance Studio Series Application
Note: Preference may be given to students who have experience as stage managers or Directing II class.

Designers & Stage Managers (Performance Studio Series or Mainstage) - Designer's application & Stage Manager application!

Requirements: Full-time student status, good academic standing. Must have
the following prerequisite courses with a grade of B or better: Stage Managers CTH 250, Costumers CTH 262, Lighting CTH 368, Set Designers CTH 261. If accepted, you must enroll in one of the following: CTH 298, 498 or 499 during the semester of your project.
Materials: Performing Studio Series Application (Designers, Stage Managers)

Senior Projects (any area)

Requirements: Full-time Theatre majors, good academic standing, senior status at
time of your project. If accepted, you must enroll in CTH 498 during the semester of your project. Materials: Resume, current Degree Progress Report, must have completed the "Senior Project Application" form (obtainable from School of Communications Office Administrator in 290 LSH)
Note: Senior projects must be proposed no later than 12 - 15 weeks prior to the project start date.

Download Materials

These Materials are also available at the Theatre Blackboard Site and must be submitted through the Blackboard Site when completed.

Financial Assistance Information

PS Series Application-Director

PS Series Application-Designer

PS Series Application-Stage Manager

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