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2010 Grad - Erin Courtney

2010 Grad - Erin Courtney

Last year Erin went to L.A. for two months and took a couple workshops:

The first was at the Atlantic Theater School. She was among 9 people learning their technique from founding members. On the last day Felicity Huffman spent 3 hours with us, coaching us and imparting wisdom and advice.

The second was the ISP program at the Margie Haber School. Alongside students from all over the world, we were lucky enough to study in the same class as Margie's good friend Mary Wilson of The Supremes. We spent two intense weeks learning her technique, and learned from extensive classes with top professionals- an agent, a manager, a voice coach, an improv expert, and several actors and actresses currently working.

Erin has been in numerous festival short films from GVSU, Wayne State, and Oakland University, as well as a short film series available on called "Anthology of Terror".

She was also in a regional commercial for a Detroit Channel 7 News promotion.

Most recently, she can be seen on TV with two national commercials for 5 Hour Energy.

Erin has moved to LA, and is taking ongoing classes at Graham Shiels Studio, with actor Graham Shiels of True Blood and Yes Man.

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