High School Theatre Day

Grand Valley faculty and students recently spent March 31 teaching local high school students about the value of an arts education, and career opportunities in the field of theater during High School Theater Day.

The day-long event provided approximately 20 students, accompanied by their parents, opportunities to participate in various theater-based workshops spotlighting theater games, stage movements and the technical aspects of theater, including lighting board operation and stage projections.

Allison Metz, associate professor of theater and High School Theater Day organizer, said the event aimed to show students the value of a theater background once they enter the professional world.

“Employers want creative people who work well with others and who are able to consider multiple perspectives when solving difficult problems in a timely manner,” she said. “People learn and hone those exact skills in all aspects of the theatrical arts.”

During a time when there is a national push to enlist students in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), Metz said events like High School Theater Day promote the value of an arts-based education as well.

“Because of the technical elements of theater production—from measuring sets to tracking production budgets to counting beats in a scene—theater artists already have a great mix of STEM understandings combined with an artistic view of the human condition,” she said. “An arts education is a liberal arts education in action, and that is the foundation for innovation in any setting and any professional field.”

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Page last modified July 5, 2017