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GVNow Success Stories

From ravines research to Prague

Elizabeth Koeman's love for geology has led her to conduct innovative research with nuclear minerals.

Students build training tool for future surgeons

What started out as a class project evolved into an initiative to help medical residents become successful surgeons.

Geologist alumnus makes his mark

Gregg Swayze fell in love with geology when his older brother, a geology student at Grand Valley State University, took him on a trip to Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. As a high school senior, Swayze was fascinated with the thought...

Gould summers with turtles

While some students spent time on the beach in the summer, others were deep in academic research.

Study abroad leads to research

Alison McNulty does not just excel in her Grand Valley classes; her excellence abroad has allowed other students across the nation to perform undergraduate research studies at the University of Deusto.

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Page last modified October 3, 2014