From protections to negotiations, we're here to help.

Protect Your Invention

If you believe your research or technology has commercialization potential, submit an invention disclosure to TCO to evaluate the capability and patentability of your invention. The TCO will meet with you to discuss your work, goals and objectives.

If you are interested in discussing your technology with an outside entity, the TCO will help you protect your information by executing a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA).

Or, if you need to send or obtain materials from another institution for your research, the TCO will negotiate and execute a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) which will preserve any Intellectual Property rights associated with the research.

Invention disclosure forms, CDA's, and MTA's are available in the Forms & Agreements section of this website.

Market Your Invention

The TCO will market your invention and work closely with investors to identify companies that are best equipped to utilize the technology. The TCO also has access to its own extensive collection of industry contacts.

Help You Start a New Venture

If your invention has substantial commercial potential, but no companies currently exist which can fully utilize the technology, we can help you start a new venture. Visit Getting Started to learn more.

Page last modified April 22, 2016