Entrepreneurs and Investors

Emerging technologies spark Michigan's economic development through commercialization and formation of startup companies.

The TCO works closely with university inventors and a network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors to form new ventures that serve the public interest by finding practical applications for university-developed technologies.

The TCO, in collaboration with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, serves as the catalyst for faculty, staff and students with innovative technologies ready for market.

The university actively supports the creation of startups and encourages experienced entrepreneurs and investors to submit startup proposals; the TCO will consider all fiscally sound proposals.

Getting Started

Starting a new venture can bring enormous value to the community, university, and inventor. Grand Valley State University will work with you throughout the startup process and support your success.

The first step of any activity involving new technology is to submit an invention disclosure form to the TCO.

The next steps include developing a more complete business model, drafting a business plan, assembling a management team and approaching investors. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides business support, talent development and a variety of additional resources.

Page last modified November 20, 2014