Tutor Application Process

Students apply here if you are interested in working as an Assigned Weekly Tutor (all subject areas) or if you are interested in working as a Drop-In Tutor for Chemistry, Mathematics, or Statistics.  

Students interested in working as a Drop-In Tutor for other subjects should contact the coordinator for the respective center.

Tutor Eligibility

  • Currently enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at GVSU
  • Received a B+ or higher in the course(s) that you wish to tutor
  • Complete tutor application
  • Receive positive faculty recommendation(s). Send your professor this link (professor login access only) to complete the recommendation. 
  • Commit to tutor a minimum of 5 hours per week 
  • Be available to tutor for at least 2 semesters
  • Be able to attend required tutor trainings
  • Successfully complete interviews with Tutoring Center staff and discipline specific faculty coordinators if necessary 

Tutor Hiring Process

1. Complete Tutor Application  

2. Have the professor submit a recommendation on your behalf. Please send your professor this link for them to login and complete the recommendation. 

3. You will be contacted for an interview if

  • We need tutors for the specific course
  • We receive a positive professor recommendation

We hold tutor applications for 6 months. If you have additional questions please contact the Tutoring Center at (616) 331-3451.

Tutor Requirements (CHM MTH STA)

Math/Stats - All candidates interested in tutoring Math or Stats must meet with Marcia Frobish, Director of the GVSU Math and Stats Center.  You will be contacted for an interview when tutors are needed in these disciplines. Please contact Marcia Frobish at (616) 331-8690 or email frobishm@gvsu.edu with questions.

Chemistry - All candidates interested in tutoring Chemistry must meet with Sarah Clark from the GVSU Chemistry Department. You will be contacted when there is a need for tutors in this area.  Please contact Sarah Clark clarksa1@gvsu.edu or (616) 331-2072 with questions.