Grief and Loss Advocacy Badge

Social Work Badge

This digital badge is designed to help explore terminal illness and the dying process, a deep look at grief with adults and teens as well as supporting and assisting those through the grief process as professional social workers. Upon earning this badge, professionals will understand the psychosocial aspects and the impact of terminal illness on family systems, recognize physical, mental, emotional and social changes that occur as death draws near and identify strategies for working with the terminally ill and their families. Earners will also be able to identify the factors that influence grief, the six central needs of mourning and have increased knowledge in their role with the bereaved. They will also specifically identify the ways in which their developmental stage and life experiences may impact teens as they grieve, be able to discuss suicide and its impact on teen grief as well as effective ways to interact with grieving teens.

1. Attend and successfully complete the following three GVSU Social Work Continuing Education program courses:  Final Journey: Psychosocial Aspects of Terminal Illness and the Dying Process, Real Talk about Grief: Understanding the Helper's Role and Understanding Teen Grief.

2. Submit a written reflection, at least 500 words in length, about your professional growth and implementation of concepts learned in the three sessions.

Page last modified February 7, 2019