Youssef Photo

Youssef Darwich

Youssef enjoys building soil, climbing trees and growing the best food possible to share with the GVSU community.  Youssef graduated in 2015 and in the 2016 growing season, he was hired on as a permanent member of the SAP and is our current farm manager.

Burritt Photo

Burritt Watrous

Intern Burritt is a math and physics major who happens to love the outdoors. He takes the principles of sustainable agriculture to heart and hopes to own a farm.


Dana Photo

Dana Eardley

Intern Dana is passionate about creating equitable food systems. She is eager to cultivate relationships with CSA members, and share her enthusiasm.  For the 2016 growing season, Dana is interning at D-town farm in Detroit.


Matt Photo

Matt DeJonge

Farming is one of Matt’s favorite pastimes. It allows him to see real changes occurring around him, culminating in fuel to power through the day.


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