Student Sustainability Endowment Fund

This fund has been established as an endowment fund as well as a pass through account. The fund is focused on developing paid internship positions for students to work for companies and organizations within the public, private, and service sectors within the greater Grand Rapids community. The Office of Sustainability Practices will work closely with career services and other GVSU departments as well as organizations and businesses in the community to develop positions where sustainable development best practices can be applied to help solve real world systemic issues within our community. The pass through option for this fund will allow for contributions to be applied immediately for internship positions.

To donate to the Student Sustainability Endowment Fund, you will need to select "new gift" or "payment on a previous pledge." On the next screen you will see our fund listed as the 4th line item. Click here to make a donation! We appreciate donations of any amount and thank you for your commitment to sustainable education and practices.

Page last modified October 8, 2015