GVSU Initiatives
Procurement GVSU spends more than $45 million annually in sustainable procurement including construction, renovation, and minority vendor purchases. Part of this is done through group procurement in collaboration with the West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium.
Recycled Paper As a result of purchasing recycled papers and envelopes, Grand Valley contributes to the conservation of natural resources.
Institutional Technologies
All technology purchasing is facilitated though the Institutional Technologies supply office. Most purchases are Apple or Dell products that receive an EPEAT Gold rating. Green Venue Certification Grand Valley's L.V. Eberhard Center was one of the first four venues in the state to earn the Green Venues Michigan Leader certification from the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth (DELEG). Sustainable purchasing is just one component of Green Venues Michigan, which encourages environmental initiatives and cost-saving "green" practices.
Green Vendor Fair Each fall the Purchasing Services Department organizes the Green Vendor Fair, which gives students and staff a chance to learn more about sustainability efforts of Grand Valley vendors.

Page last modified April 6, 2012