Lake Ontario Hall



53,000 sq.ft.
Completed September 2005
Allendale Campus
USGBC scoring (pdf)
LOH Brochure (pdf)

LOH is home to the Sustainable Community Development Initiative's main office and is the flagship of Grand Valley's Sustainable, LEED certified buildings. It stands as a monument to the goal of making GVSU a completely sustainable campus that gives back as much as it takes. Beautiful both inside and out, LOH is energy efficient, well-designed, and employs some of the latest cutting edge technology to make it the area's only LEED Silver Certified academic building.


  • 53,000 square feet
  • Low-flow plumbing
  • Motion and heat sensors to control lighting
  • Indoor Air Quality management
  • Heat-reflective roof to save heating energy in the winter and cooling energy in the summer
  • "Green Housekeeping" program as part of a campus-wide initiative

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