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Eco-Reps Pizza Box Project

What is an Eco-Rep?

An Eco-Rep is an ecological representative of each GVSU housing community that promotes sustainable initiatives in their living centers. They collaborate with either their Community Councils or their Resident Assistants and are part of a peer-to-peer (P2P) education program sponsored by the Sustainable Community Development Initiative (SCDI) and the Housing and Residence Life (HRL) offices.

Our Eco-Reps volunteer their time to help educate the campus community on composting, promote Recyclemania!, and implement and run the Pizza Box Project. The role of the Eco-Reps is crucial in making this a successful endeavor. In the initial Winter 2012 semester, eco-reps throughout campus composted 7,275 pizza boxes.

For more information on becoming an Eco-Rep, e-mail us at

To see the list of Eco-Reps for the 2012-2013 academic year, please click here.

Pizza Box Project

All-night cram sessions, crazy end of the semester parties, late night spontaneous snacking... they all seem to lead to one thing: an overwhelming amount of cardboard pizza boxes ending up in the trash (after the cold leftovers are consumed for breakfast the next morning, of course).

A group of students on campus has bound together to get these pizza boxes out of the trash stream and into a compost bin, where they will later be broken down into a usable product.

Your part is simple. Take your empty (or not empty) pizza boxes to one of the compost bins marked on the map below. If you see someone trashing a pizza box, tell them where they can compost it, or offer to take it yourself.

We are currently working to expand compost locations around campus for your convenience. In addition to compost bins at Kleiner, the Commons, Kirkhof, The Connection, and Niemeyer Honors College, there are also composting bins behind Van Steeland and Murray housing.

2012 - 2013 total - 27,574

Where to Compost Pizza Boxes: Orange "SORT" Dumpsters outside of Kleiner Fresh Kirkhof The Connection Brown Compost Bin East side of Niemeyer