2012 Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions are individuals who, by practice and belief, support the ideals of sustainable practice and using a triple bottom-line approach to problems and issues. The champions have demonstrated that they support both in word and deed, and can be looked to as leaders in sustainability.

Congratulations to the following Sustainability Champion Award winners:

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Bob Stoll of student life for donating 80 old Rec Center trophies to the Special Olympics. Sally Vissers of Liberal Studies for managing the trophy donation to the Special Olympics. Abigail Forbes and Kelley Hughes of Housing for starting a sustainability assessment tool for the student residents called, "How Green R You?"
Jeff Mutch of Student Life for the management of the Volunteer Tracking System that gives students, especially eco-reps, the opportunity to track their volunteer hours in an effective manner. In addition, Jeff incorporates the concepts of sustainability in his day work, as well as models a sustainable lifestyle for his students.
Lindsey DesArmo of Human Resources for the implementation of the "Take the Stairs" program to encourage the GVSU community to take the stairs to promote health and wellness.
Jon Jellema of the Provost Office for forming and chairing the new Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee. The committee brings together leaders from across campus to address issues utilizing sustainability best practices and service learning opportunities for students .
Jalyn Kamp of Operations for coordinating the GVSU Bike Rental Program...including finding and refurbishing used bikes, program marketing, social media updates and interaction with other departments and students. The program successfully refurbished and distributed over 30 bikes to GVSU students this academic year.
Cherilyn Denomme of the Brooks College Dean's office for implementing a Zero Waste Lunch program within the Brooks College. In addition, Cherilyn incorporates the concepts of sustainability in her day to day work as well as her personal life.
Jeff Wollett of the CLAS Dean's office for his amazing ability to reuse and repurpose discarded equipment to save money and divert waste from the landfill.
Steve Leeser of Facilities Services for implementing and managing Recyclemania for the last 5 years. The main goal of this competition is to increase student awareness of campus recycling and waste minimization.
Cheryl Bronner, Ronda Huster, Kristin Kuczera, Kim Paruch, Amanda Sterling, Erin Skidmore, and Terri Kellogg, members of the Admissions and Records Department Sustainable Ambassadors Team, for the implementation and management of a waste reduction program within their department.
Marc Westrate of Facilities Services for constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and helping others to do the same.
Levi Gardner for his vision and dedication to transform the Community Garden into the Sustainable Agriculture Project, which focuses on experiential learning opportunities and connects students with sustainable food and growing practices. To achieve this goal, Levi secured funding, partnerships and volunteers to construct two hoop houses which extended the growing season to 48 weeks allowing for student to experience hand-on learning at the farm during the academic year.
Kellie Pnacek-Carter of Event Services for her role as a member of the Holland Campus Green Team for two years and for advocating for the placement of additional recycling and compost hubs within the Kirkhof Center and the Office of Student Life.
Michael DeWilde of the Philosophy department for directing and coordinating the Community Working Classics program which addresses social justice issues by providing a liberal education to prison inmates instructed by GVSU students. In addition, for Michael's work fostering Corporate Social Responsibility at GVSU as Director of the Business Ethics Center at the Seidman College of Business.
Jeff Chamberlain of the Honors College. Jeff not only pursues sustainability in his life, he supports others to dream big and have a positive impact on their world. He encourages projects from a year-long freshman course about food, to providing support and funding for different initiatives like the pizza-box composting and zero-waste in Niemeyer.
Alan Steinman of Annis Water Research Institute. Whether he is speaking at TEDx about the Blue Economy or giving invited testimony in the Michigan Senate about groundwater or reminding colleagues to save electricity, Al Steinman works on sustainability at every level. He is a policy leader and a model of making micro-changes in everyday life. From the hybrid vehicle he championed for business travel at AWRI to compostable office paper, Al walks the talk.
Griff Griffin of General Education for implementing Sustainability Issues in General Education as well as her Natural Resource Management class trips out West where students examine and learn about environmental issues such as water and land use.
Brett Colley of Art & Design for his contributions during last years Campus Sustainability Week to curate a sustainability themed art exhibit. Brett employs his belief in conservation and sustainability in every aspect of his life including his teaching. He challenges and engages the students in his classes as well as the faculty in his concern for the environment.
AnneMarie Fauvel of the Biology Department for the development of an apiary at the Meijer Campus in Holland. Professor Fauvel secured funding for an interdisciplinary project that creates student research opportunities, enables community education events, and fosters environmental benefits. This past spring, the idea came to fruition and the campus has been abuzz ever since.
Mackenzie "Kenny" Osbeck, Jordan Ramirez, Nicolas Tarachowski, and Miranda Calouro are members of the peer-to-peer eco-rep pizza box program that was implemented in the Winter of 2012 and continues to today. As experienced team leaders, they have successfully recruited eco-rep volunteers and managed the pizza box program in their designated dorm. With their dedication, this program has been able to compost over 11,000 pizza boxes in approximately 8 months.
Justin Ebert has been a driving force for campus sustainability. Participating as an eco-rep last semester, Justin has played an integral part of starting a campus bike repair shop. Additionally, Justin recently helped present at the national AASHE Conference in Los Angeles, California.
Nicholas Maodush-Pitzer has been prolific in promoting sustainability on campus, as well as off campus. Besides integrating sustainability in to his every day life, Nick continues to be an eco-rep. Additionally, Nick recently returned from the national AASHE Conference in Los Angeles, California, where he helped present.
Elizabeth "Ellie" Phillips has promoted sustainability by being a reporter for the Lanthorn. Writing numerous articles, Ellie has focused on campus sustainability awareness and promotion. Without her efforts, the work of all on campus might not be heard.
Joseph Weiss has become an integral part of the Sustainable Agriculture Project. Working as an intern and volunteer, the SAP has truly benefited from his hard work and dedication.
Gwen Gell for leading the Student Environmental Coalition in their effort to recycle at GVSU Football Games.
Kirk Barber for leading the Student Environmental Coalition's recycling efforts and speaking at the Bill McKibben Sustainability Spotlight event in September.
Aaron Ferguson a MPA student who has done exemplary sustainable development project work for the City of Grand Rapids working as an intern on the Transformation Research and Analysis Team.
Emily Delano, Graduate Assistant for the Meijer Campus in Holland, has taken her commitment to sustainability to new heights, and in doing so has helped to embed sustainability in the Holland campus culture. She has implemented numerous sustainability related student programs, but the No Trash Cans initiative has been the most impressive.
Jennifer Holt, Liberal Studies major, has been instrumental in the creation of the Apiary at the Meijer Campus in Holland. As an intern, she assisted Prof. AnneMarie Fauvel in the proposal development and implementation. She currently serves as the President of the GV Bee Keepers student group and encourages their participation in events that serve to educate lifelong learners in the Holland community.
Eric Foster of Seeds of Promise for developing and empowering host neighbors in his role as Community Governance Coach.
Tom Almonte for integrating and embedding sustainability within the City of Grand Rapids through the Transformation Research and Analysis Team and Transformation Investment Plan.


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