2010 Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions are individuals who, by practice and belief, support the ideals of sustainable practice and using a triple bottom-line approach to problems and issues. The champions have demonstrated that they support both in word and deed, and can be looked to as leaders in sustainability.

Congratulations to the 2010 Sustainability Champion Award winners.

President Haas handing out an award

Arn Boezaart for his work as the Director of the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center and his leadership in commercializing renewable energy technologies in West Michigan. Brittany Hunter for her work in writing copy, designing and developing the Sustainable Office Award website. John Klein for leading the charge on IT energy efficiencies including computer and accessory upgrades, and paper reduction.
Eathan McCann for his work as a leader of the green dining team at GVSU, implementing many programs such as cage free eggs and food waste recycling
James Moyer for his work toward the goal of reducing the storm water footprint of GVSU, through the creative integration of storm water best management practices in new buildings, and retrofitting of older structures.
Jerrod Nickels for his work as Bookstore manager and proponent of paper reduction and e-documents. He also provided financial support for the Sustainability Reinvestment Fund through the sale of GVSU recycled bags.
Diana Szczembara for being a leader in her department, Institutional Marketing, to encourage reducing, reusing, and recycling among her co-workers, educating them about how it can be done and setting a good example for others.
Jon VanderMolen, for his work toward the development of the Prosperity Index for the Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition and the Vital Signs Report for the West Michigan Strategic Alliance.
Scott Whisler for his work as leader of the LEED Building analysis team with GVSU students for the US Green Building Council tour.
Todd Aschenbach, for his work as an advisor for the GVSU Community Garden soil testing amendments project.
Kristen Bartels & Justin Pettibone, for starting the Paperless Pilot Program to encourage paperless classrooms, which has now expanded to 10 faculty. The program saves approximately $200 for each class taught.
Paul Isley, for his work as chairman of the Economics Department and instructor of Environmental Economics. He also provides commentary on many local economic issues from a sustainable development point of view.
Edwin Joseph, for his creation of the Sustainable Agriculture Certificate, work in the GVSU community garden, and organization of GIS Day with area schools.
Norm Kravitz, for his creative work as an instructor of the Honors College "ACTION" class in which students pick several sustainability problems and take action to fix them.
Kelly Parker, for his dedicated work with the GVSU Community Garden and integration of sustainability concepts into his teaching, including teaching the capstone class for the environmental studies minor.
Heather Rueth, for her devotion to teaching, service and research linked to human-accelerated changes in ecosystem processes and environmental change.
Mehmet Sozen, for leading the alternative and renewable energy efforts in the School of Engineering including his senior level elective course in this area which enrolls about 50% of the senior Mechanical Engineering students each fall.
Star Swift, Nisreen Anani, Sue Korzinek, & John Klein for being a driving force behind using the tele-presence software, ooVoo, to reduce travel and emissions.
Patrick Clark for his work in designing a project in which he collected and washed over a thousand plastic cups that will be used by organic classes and the chemistry club as part of a polymer experiment that turns the cups to lactic acid used for cleaning lab benches and sinks.
Erik Greene, for his work as an intern for Green Diesel. Erik is inventive, flexible, responsive and dependable: all needed traits for the new economy.
David Jaques, for his work with Student Life in the creation of The Sustainable Student Leader program.
Joshua Lee, for his work with the Community Service Learning Center and organizing Make a Difference Day as part of Campus Sustainability Week.
Josh Lycka for his work to reduce the consumption of bottled water on campus and encouraging us all to drink tap water instead of bottled water.
Michael Medonis for his work as a Facilities intern focusing on increasing campus recycling rates and minimizing waste generated Uma Mishra, for her efforts in Ghana to provide clean water and health care for a small village.
Ola Nwabara, for organizing an entry for ArtPrize titled "Primary Reusers", which consisted of recycling containers painted by local artists placed downtown so that people could recycle during the event.
Lena Spadacene, for her work with the GVSU Humane Society to get GV to be the first Michigan University to use exclusively cage free eggs on campus.
Molly Waite for her work with the GVSU Humane Society to get GV to be the first Michigan University to use exclusively cage free eggs on campus.
Blandford Nature Center, for their work influencing and educating thousands of children and adults in the sustainable ways of nature. Through their efforts many people in the current and future generations will be motivated to help sustain the integrity of planet earth. Director Annoesjka Steinman and Ecology Education Coordinator Kristin Tindall are here to accept the award.
Joe Boomgaard for his work as Managing editor for MiBiz which established the MISustainable.com advisory group and quarterly TBL report enjoyed by many readers
City of Grand Rapids Executive Office, for the work of Mayor George Heartwell, City Manager Greg Sundstrom, Deputy City Manager Eric DeLong, Assistant to the City Manager Tom Almonte, Director of the Office of Energy and Sustainability Haris Alibasic, and their support staff of Nancy Meyer, Jane Bush, and Rose Rosloniec.
For the development and implementation of the City Sustainability Plan 2.0 which includes measurable goals and targets. For the development of an energy efficiency and conservation strategy. For the establishment of the new Transformational Research and Analysis Team. And for being recognized as the most sustainable mid-size city in the U.S. John Nash, for his work as a leader of the North West Ottawa County Sustainability Coalition in establishing a community dialogue on sustainable development best practices across the public and private sectors in Spring Lake and Grand Haven
Audrey Wierenga, for her work as a liaison for the Portage/Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Sustainability Covenant. Audrey is employed by the EPA, and a member of the SW MI Sustainable Business Forum.


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