2018 Keynote Speaker

2019 Keynote Speaker will be announced in Fall 2018! 

Andy Stoll

  •  Traveled solo around the world for 4 years through 40 countries
  •  Has spoken at TEDx, SXSW and more than 50 colleges and universities
  •  A perfect message for orientations and leadership conferences


After college, social entrepreneur Andy Stoll set off on what would become a 4-year, 40-country trip around the world, to better understand how people live. He lived in a Buddhist Temple in Korea; worked in a dress factory in Bangkok; farmed in a mud hut village in Africa; lived the life of a cowboy in Australian; and played a 19th Century British soldier in a Bollywood movie. Andy delivers insightful and entertaining talks that artfully weave together themes of leadership, social entrepreneurship, travel and global perspective to help young people find answer to their most pressing (and often haunting) questions: “What do I want to do when I grow up?” “How can I find my place in the world?” “Can I change the world?” Andy’s message to students is clear: “The distance between who you are and what you want to become is closer than you think.”

For more information, please visit http://www.andystoll.net/ 

Photo of keynote speaker Andy Stoll

Andy Stoll

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