Urgent Medical Situations

If you fall ill or have a serious injury, ask your primary contact at your host university where to seek medical assistance. In many cases, someone at your host university may offer to accompany you to the nearest doctor or hospital. If you are unfamiliar with the local area and need assistance getting directed to a nearby medical facility, you can contact Travel Guard Chartis by calling collect  +01 (817) 826-7008 (from outside the U.S.). Travel Guard Chartis can give you information on the nearest medical facility with an English-speaking physician.
Travel Guard Chartis - WorldRisk Assistance Card
All students who have been accepted to study abroad through GVSU’s Padnos International Center are covered under an emergency assistance program.  Every student is given a card prior to departure which describes services available and contact numbers for emergency situations. Students must have the policy number to access services. 

Travel Guard Chartis can provide the following assistance:

  • Medical assistance and travel medical emergency services
  • Personal and pre-trip services
  • Legal assistance
  • Emergency cash – from personal funding source
  • Lost baggage or passport assistance
  • Insurance coordination
  • Evacuation and repatriation
  • Emergency messaging center
  • Other general assistance

Travel Guard can be reached by calling:
Outside of the US call collect  +01 (817) 826-7008
Within the US or Canada, call (800) 401-2678

Page last modified April 28, 2014