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  1. Switzerland: Computing & Information Systems

    Europe » Switzerland » Faculty-led Zurich, Switzerland  This program is a two-way exchange of a cohort group of students from both GVSU and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). A group of 10-12 students from GVSU travel for an intense two-week course in Data Warehouse. In that course GVSU students are joined by 10-12 students from ZHAW.

  2. Tanzania: Teaching, Learning, and Education (2019 Program)

    Africa » Tanzania » Faculty-led Arusha, Tanzania - Tanzania is located in eastern sub-Saharan Africa and is home to Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti. Our group will plan lessons and teach 15-20 hours per week in a local school while studying issues in mathematics and general education. We will interact with teachers and students in a culture much different from our own. Links:  Watch Video

  3. Ukraine: Anthropology

    Europe » Ukraine » Faculty-led BORSHCHIV, UKRAINE  The study abroad program in Ukraine is designed to educate students about the relationship between the environment and human beings. The courses will focus on how human activity has been shaped by the environment, as well as how humans have re-shaped the environment.

  4. United Kingdom (Northern Ireland): Peace, Conflict, and Reconciliation

    Europe » United Kingdom » Faculty-led Derry & Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) - While sharing much with its neighbor, the Republic of Ireland, the political, social and historical features of Northern Ireland make it a strikingly different place. These important features are the basis for exploration and analysis in the Peace, Conflict, and Reconciliation study abroad program.

  5. United Kingdom: Anthropology

    Europe » United Kingdom » Faculty-led 2019 PROGRAM - LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - This program will offer you the opportunity to collect data from historic period skeletal remains housed at the Museum of London. You will learn how to take skeletal measurements, conduct statistical analysis of data, and to write for learned journals in the field of physical anthropology.

  6. United Kingdom: Art (2019)

    Europe » United Kingdom » Faculty-led Explore London museums and galleries and learn how to use travel as a resource for making art. You will visit and view the galleries in London as well as many other cultural sites. The Art in London course provides an opportunity for students to enrich their studio practice, expand their knowledge of Art History and make intelligent connections between resource materials and creative works.

  7. United Kingdom: Business & Corporate Governance

    Europe » United Kingdom » Faculty-led LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - This program explores the U.K. culture, history, corporate governance and ethics of the Western European environment.

  8. United Kingdom: Communications

    Europe » United Kingdom » Faculty-led London, United Kingdom  This program will offer you the opportunity to explore the rich diversity of global communication practices through the development of research skills in the heart of London.

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