Japan: Criminal Justice (JCMU)

A GVSU Affiliate Program

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  • Japan: Criminal Justice (JCMU) Photo
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Tell me about this program

Open to: All majors

EXTENDED Application Deadline (2018 Program): February 23, 2018

Hikone, Japan - We will be studying and comparing social mechanisms in Japan and the United States. Specifically, we will examine formal systems such as police and court systems, and also informal social systems such as family, school and workplace. Our field trips will include visiting a school, courthouse, and police station. We will also review Japan's history and culture through excursions to Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, and Hiroshima. This course is open to all majors, both undergraduate and graduate, and no Japanese language skills are required.

When can I go?

May 6 - 23, 2018 (Tentative) 
(2 weeks) 

Where will I live?

JCMU furnished 2-bedroom apartments

Who is eligible to participate?

2.5 GPA required.
GVSU is happy to extend this opportunity to NonGVSU Students.

How do I apply?

To apply for this program, log on to www.gvsu.edu/oasis to begin your online application.

Non-GVSU Students are welcome to apply. Please view Non-GVSU Student Information 

EXTENDED Application Deadline (2018 Program): February 23, 2018

What credits will I receive?

Students will receive a total of 3 credits:
CJ 380: Comparative Social Organization and Control: Japan and the United States (3 credits)
CJ 680: Comparative Social Organization and Control: Japan and the United States (3 credits)
Language of instruction: English

How much does the program cost?

Program Fee: $2,475 (*Includes Consortium discount - $200)

  • Tuition (3 credits)
  • Housing
  • Health insurance
  • All excursions and fees
  • Most ground transportation
  • Textbooks
  • IS 380 registration fee - 81$ (27$ per credit hour)
  • Some group meals
Other Expenses
  • Airfare ($2,000)
  • Most meals ($350)
  • Personal expenses ($200)
  • Passport ($140)
  • Transportation to and from airport ($60)

TOTAL Projected Cost: $5,235

Financial Aid

To contact the Financial Aid office, email finaid@gvsu.edu with “Study Abroad” in the Subject line. Include your G Number and Total Projected Cost of the program in the e-mail. 

Non-GVSU Students: Non-GVSU students admitted for study abroad are not eligible for Financial Aid from GVSU. Check with your home school’s study abroad and financial aid offices for details on applying for financial aid from your home school toward study abroad program costs. 

Financial Aid FAQs


Students can fund their study abroad program using financial aid, scholarships, grants and personal funds.
Consortium Discount: GVSU and other state university students in Michigan will automatically receive the Consortium discount ($200).

Mullendore Legal Studies and Criminal Justice: The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize and reward students who major in either Legal Studies or Criminal Justice with the intention of entering and contributing to the legal profession and also encourage them to participate in international educational opportunities. APPLY NOW


Who can tell me more?

Naoki Kanaboshi
245c DeVos
William Crawley

All program information including courses, duration of program, dates, and other logistics are subject to change. Programs may be cancelled due to extenuating circumstances.