Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Studying abroad is physically and emotionally demanding. Many students report that existing health conditions worsen when they are away from home. It is imperative that participants with pre-existing health conditions plan ahead for the possibility that they may require treatment while overseas. If you have a chronic illness that requires medical attention, have your doctor write a detailed, clinical report that can be given to a doctor in the host country. It is important for you to research what kind of care you can realistically expect to receive for your particular condition.

In urban areas, where students are likely to have to use underground rail systems, it is important for students with asthma to consider bringing a portable breathing machine or appropriate inhalers. Check with your primary physician regarding options available if this applies to you.

Diabetics should check with their doctor before departure so they can adjust their insulin intake during the flight overseas. Diabetics also must take into consideration the change in activity levels during travel during this time.

Take care of foreseeable medical, dental, gynecological, and optical needs prior to departure!