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*2022 PROGRAM* San Salvador, El Salvador and Lake Atitlán, Guatemala - This program will expose students to the rich cultures of El Salvador and Guatemala, expanding their awareness of issues of social justice, peace and human rights as they relate to social work in Central America.

*2023 PROGRAM* An overview of the theory and practices associated with managing festival and special event in an international setting. This course provides a comprehensive experience in an international festival/event. The application of theoretical concepts in an international festival/event allows students to thoroughly understand the festival and events industry, the complexity of designing, delivering, and evaluation of such experiences, and the application of the festival/events model.

*PENDING APPROVAL FOR 2022* Paris & Bordeaux, France - The program starts in Paris, one of the world's greatest cities and the ideal point of departure for your study of French culture. The first three days are spent visiting La Ville des Lumières and adjusting to the time zone and language.

*2022 PROGRAM* Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany - The Summer German language program offers six weeks of intensive language instruction and a seminar on the culture and history of Germany. Students spend five weeks in the medieval town of Schwäbisch Gmünd and participate in a week-long excursion to Berlin. Schwäbisch Gmünd is a medium sized town in eastern Baden-Württemberg near the Bavarian border with a history that dates back to a Roman settlement in the second century.

*2022 PROGRAM* CAPE COAST, GHANA - This exciting program to Cape Coast, Ghana is an excellent opportunity for future teachers and students interested in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. From the tomb of "Osagyefo" Kwame Nkrumah to the art markets at the city center, students will find themselves surrounded by diverse culture as Ghana is divided into some 75 ethnic groups.

*2023 PROGRAM* CAPE COAST, GHANA - This program offers an intercultural nursing experience and a unique way to compare different community-based health care systems. Community health center nursing experiences will include windshield surveys, individual and family health assessments, culturally appropriate health education, and analysis of the health system in Ghana, including the role of nurses, traditional health practitioners, and, how as a country, they address WHO millennial goals.

*2023 PROGRAM* ACCRA, GHANA - This program aims to enhance your preparation as competent social work practitioners in both domestic and international arenas of social welfare by engaging Ghanian counterparts in local villages, five days of volunteer experiences in a variety of settings, and offering numerous cultural excursions.

This program is an excellent opportunity for future K-12 teachers to gain valuable experience with literacy learning in the culturally and linguistically unique setting of Cape Coast, Ghana. This program offers an opportunity for future teachers to experience Ghanaian schools through both a tutoring field placement and an opportunity to develop a critical literacy project with Ghanaian children.