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Internships in EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND are available for university students and young professionals. The program provides an opportunity to be involved in one of Scotland's leading and most vibrant cities, all the while having the support of a well established and trusted international organization.

For over ten years, thousands of university students and young professionals have found their dream career with an internship in LONDON, ENGLAND. As a global center of finance, fashion, and media, London has some of our best internship placements in nearly every career field. Internships range between 8 to 15 weeks and take place in the summer, fall, and winter.

*2023 PROGRAM* DERRY & BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND (United Kingdom) - While sharing much with its neighbor, the Republic of Ireland, the political, social and historical features of Northern Ireland make it a strikingly different place. These important features are the basis for exploration and analysis in the Peace, Conflict, and Reconciliation study abroad program.

*2023 PROGRAM* LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Explore London museums and galleries and learn how to use travel as a resource for making art. You will visit and view the galleries in London as well as many other cultural sites. The Art in London course provides an opportunity for students to enrich their studio practice, expand their knowledge of Art History and make intelligent connections between resource materials and creative works.

*2023 PROGRAM* ORMSKIRK, UNITED KINGDOM - This program will take place at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, situated near Liverpool and Manchester in a 12th Century market town. Students will visit the physical settings of some of the most important authors in the English literary tradition, including Shakespeare, the British Romantic poets and Charles Dickens. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work on their own writing as they experience and explore the United Kingdom.

Brighton is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with great architectural character, and a lively atmosphere. The city is only an hour from London and half an hour from Gatwick Airport. The town offers a range of diverse entertainment - Theatre Royal, Brighton Centre, Gardner Arts Centre, and the Dome theatre.

**We are no longer accepting applications Summer 23 applications, please reach out to PIC at 130 LOH or schedule an online advising appointment to explore similar options** *2023 PROGRAM* LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - This program will offer you the opportunity to explore the rich diversity of global communication practices through the development of research skills in the heart of London.

Nestled between the historic market town of Ormskirk and rolling green fields in North West England, Edge Hill Universityýs beautiful campus is just 30 minutes outside the city centre of culturally diverse Liverpool, and 40 minutes to the bright lights of Manchester.

Kingston University is located just 20 minutes from the center of London, one of the world's most diverse, vibrant, and cosmopolitan cities. You will find this suburban community to be a

DeMontfort University is located in Leicester, United Kingdom. Leicester is considered one of the top 10 cities in England to live in and is home to the 2nd most diverse community, second only to London. Leicester offers a vibrant campus that is walking distance from the city center with a range of amenities from shopping, restaurants, pubs, banking, and more.

KINGSTON, UNITED KINGDOM: Kingston University is located just 20 minutes from the center of London, one of the world's most diverse, vibrant, and cosmopolitan cities. You will find this suburban community to be a mixture of old and new, with a daily fruit and vegetable market, as well as major chain stores and supermarkets.

London, United Kingdom: University of Roehampton offers study abroad programs in London. Students participating in a study abroad program at University of Roehampton can explore London while earning academic credit. The program is available for academic year, semester, summer or short-term programs.

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