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The University of Cape Coast (UCC) was established in 1962 primarily to serve as a leader in teacher education in Ghana. Since its inception as a teacher-training university, UCC has diversified into many other disciplines. The University offers a range of curricular subjects such as: African studies, arts and social sciences, botany, business, chemistry, classics, economics, education, English literature, French, geography, health, history, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, sociology, and more. This program is also highly suitable for students interested in completing courses to fulfill general education (Issues or Foundations) or African studies requirements. Students will select courses once they arrive on-site for orientation. This program requires students to accept a high level of independence and self-reliance to navigate the administrative necessities. This program is ideal for students who are seeking a full immersion into a highly regarded Ghanaian university

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GPA Requirement
2.5 Undergraduate
2.5 Graduate
No Language
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Program Dates and Application Deadline

Winter 2019

Estimated Program Dates: January 2019 - May 2019
Application Deadline: September 10, 2018

Academic Year 2019

Estimated Program Dates: August 2019 - December 2019
Application Deadline: February 1, 2019 (Opens August 1, 2018)

Fall 2019

Estimated Program Dates: August 2019 - December 2019
Application Deadline: February 1, 2019 (Opens August 1, 2018)




Note: UCC is a comprehensive university with a wide range of course options. Participants of this program are required to exercise maximum flexibility with regards to their course selections. While some information is available on the UCC website regarding the availability of courses, students will not know which courses are available until they arrive on-site. Students must take a minimum of 4 courses at Cape Coast during the semester in order to maintain full-time status. Most UCC courses will transfer back to GVSU as a 3 credits.

Course Options Use this button to search all available course options and descriptions.

Pre-Approved Courses Note: This course list indicates courses that have been previously approved. It is not a list of available courses on this program.

Course Approval Process Students registering for courses that have not been pre-approved will need to follow the course approval instructions. 

Students interested in satisfying general education courses abroad can find more information on our General Education page.


Students will be housed in the University owned housing. Most rooms are double occupancy with shared common rooms. Laundry facilities consist of large wash tubs for hand washing. Students may have a balcony or patio with lines for drying clothes.

Students can purchase meals in various on-campus eateries or prepare meals in the available kitchen. Students are walking distance to shops with some food provisions. Students seeking a larger selection of options can take a taxi into Cape Coast to shop.

Cost and Scholarships

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STUDY ABROAD SEMESTER GRANT: The average study abroad semester grant award is $500 per semester. Students who complete an online study abroad application by the designated priority deadline, have a 2.5 GPA and a FAFSA on file, may be eligible for a study abroad grant ranging from $500-$1,750/semester.  Due to limited funding, not all eligible students will receive a grant.

PARTNERSHIP GRANT: The Padnos International Center will be providing (4)  $500 Partnership Grants for students spending a semester or year at this partner.  If more than four applicants apply for this program, decisions on awards will be made based on the strength of a student’s application and financial need.  Students may be eligible for more than $500, but four applicants will receive a minimum of $500 in grant support.  Decisions will be made following the deadline for application.

SEIDMAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS SCHOLARSHIP: offers a study abroad scholarship for SCB majors who wish to participate in a qualified study abroad or international internship program.  Awards are based on program costs and financial need.  Apply online using GVSU MyScholarships:

Additional Scholarships

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Students must be degree-seeking and have completed one semester at GVSU. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required.

Additional Information

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Learn more about the culture of Ghana

Campus Info / Campus Life

UCC offers a very lively campus life. There are always activities taking place on and around campus. Past participants have become involved with volunteer activities, dance groups, shopping in the local markets, and a wide-range of other student activities. Students spend a great deal of time hanging out with friends on-campus. The towns of Cape Coast and Elmina are home to two of Ghana’s most important historical castles. The Elmina Castle is considered one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

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Visa Requirements

A student visa is required for semester exchange students. Students should apply for their visa no less than 4-6 weeks prior to departure, although the process can take just a couple of weeks. Students can find more detailed information regarding the visa application process in our student visa guide. Please note that the appropriate consulate or embassy must be consulted for the most up-to-date visa information.

Arrival Information

Students attending the University of Cape Coast can request to be met at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra. CIE staff will greet students at the airport exit or just outside the restricted area.

PIC strongly recommends that students secure a flight that arrives in Accra during the daytime (before 4 pm).  Students who arrive in the early afternoon will be taken to UCC’s campus where they can check into housing. Students arriving in the evening will be required to stay overnight in Accra and travel to Cape Coast the next morning. Students will travel by van to the UCC campus in Cape Coast. The drive is approximately 2 hours, but it largely depends on traffic and road conditions.

If your flight is delayed, you will need to contact UCC’s Center for International Education, to provide updated arrival information.

UCC will suggest a day that they would prefer you arrive. You will be expected to arrive on this day or make your own way to the University of Cape Coast.

CDC Report

CDC Report

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US State Department Country Information (Ghana)

US State Department - Students Abroad

US Embassy in Ghana

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Report - Crime and Safety Report


Application Timeline

Living and Learning Abroad- A Student's Perspective

Additional information can be found on the UCC's Center for International Education website

2017 UCC Fact Sheet

UCC Website- 2017-2018 Academic Calendar

Fall: August - December (approximately 18 weeks)

Academic Year: August - May

Winter: January - May (approximately 18 weeks)

Resources for Emergency Situations

Health and Safety Resources

Reporting an Incident

PIC Emergency Procedures

Contact Information

Padnos International Center
130 Lake Ontario Hall

"I studied abroad to Ghana while I was a nursing student at Grand Valley. Although the trip was only two weeks long, the memories from this trip will last me a lifetime. I was the first African-American to study abroad to Ghana through the nursing program, which is an amazing honor to have and because of this I hope in the future there will be more African-Americans able to experience what I was able to during this trip. I was able to compare the community-based health care systems in Ghana to the United States, as this was a major goal to achieve academically, but personally this trip was so much more than that. I was able to learn about the culture of Ghana, the amazing people, and the history of Ghana such as this country being one of the largest slave trading centers in West Africa and how Ghana received their independence only 60 years ago. When reading about Ghana in books and online I was able to superficially learn about the country, but visiting and living in this country for even a short period of time of two weeks, I was able to receive a genuine experience that cannot be explained through words or pictures." -Kyla Bolden


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