Chile: Summer Spanish Language with UBB

This program is for students studying Spanish Language, with a particular focus on Spanish for the Health Professions.

Universidad del Bio Bio (UBB) has been a GVSU partner university since 2011. The partnership continues to grow with new opportunities developing each year for students, faculty and staff. This 11-week summer program is a collaboration between UBB faculty in Chillan and GVSU Spanish faculty. This program has been specifically designed to help meet the academic needs of students interested in Spanish language who also plan to pursue a career in one of the health professions. Due to the language requirement, this program is most suitable for Spanish majors and minors; however it is open to all students. This program is entirely taught in Spanish. Students stay in homestays which offers students a full immersion into the host culture. GVSU will not book your flight for this program. Students are expected to make their our flight arrangements. The UBB on-site director will meet students at the airport provided they arrive during the designated time. 

 A minimum of 10 GVSU students are required in order for UBB to run this program; which in the past has always been met.

NOTE: Summer program features are different from the semester exchange.

2.5 GPA Required
Spanish Language Requirement
Issue Friendly

Program Dates and Application Deadline

Spring/Summer 2023

Estimated Program Dates: May 2023 - July 2023
Application Deadline: February 1, 2023



Students will register for IS 380 for a total of 12 credits. Once the program is completed, PIC will transfer the courses completed at UBB back to GVSU. Students will receive credit for the following GVSU courses:  
SPA 380: El Espanol Chileno Actual (3 credits) AND 
SPA 380: Spanish Language and Culture (3 credits) AND 
SPA 304: Spanish for Health Professions (3 credits) AND 
SPA 380:  Latin American Civilization and Culture: Chilean Perspectives  (3 credits) 
*Issues friendly - Students interested in satisfying general education courses abroad can find more information on our General Education page. 
If you completed 1 or more of these courses, contact Professor Vrooman ([email protected] ) to discuss other course options. 


Students will live in a homestay. It is most common that only one student will be placed with each family, although this may not always be the case.

Cost and Scholarships


NOTE: "Other Expenses" listed above are general cost estimates. Due to COVID-19, costs may increase for basic goods and housing. These estimates are provided as a guide to help students in their planning, but they are subject to change.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Eligibility Criteria

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Since students are not paying GVSU tuition, this program may not be eligible for the 1098T Education Tax Credit since tuition is being paid to a foreign institution. Your GVSU 1098T will show the amount of your tuition in Box 1 and an equal amount in the Scholarship/Grants in Box 5.  They will offset each other.  You will need to contact the IRS to find out if tuition paid to a foreign institution may qualify for the Education Tax Credit. For more information on the Education Tax Credit go to 


Open to all majors: 

Students must have completed SPA 202.

2.5 GPA required.

Proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may be required for participation in this program.

Additional Information

Host University Website


Some excursions are included in the cost of this program. Excursions change from year-to-year, but may include: Valparaiso, Vina del Mar, and Isla Negra (to visit Pablo Neruda's house museum). A second excursion may include either Termas de Chillan or Santa Cruz. (viña del mar) (villarica)

Chile in 6 Minutes

Videos on the Bio-Bio Region and the Nuble Region



When studying abroad, it is important to learn about the culture of your host country.

For information on music, food, language, history, news and more; view Cultural Information

Campus Info / Campus Life

UBB has approximately 13,000 students and two primary campuses: Concepcion and Chillan. The Concepcion campus houses Engineering, Architecture, Business and Sciences. The Chillan campus houses Health and nutrition, Education, graphic design, and English.

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Already Applied

Visa Requirements

Students applying for this program will be staying for less than 90 days, so a visa will not be required.  

Arrival Information

Students will be met at the airport in Santiago by the Program Director and will travel together as a group to Chillan. Students will be expected to arrange their arrival on a specific day and time. Information on arrival date and time will be made available to students by early March. UBB will also arrange for the transportation back to the airport upon departure.


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Contact Information

Padnos International Center
130 Lake Ontario Hall
[email protected]

"Study abroad changed my life! I became fluent in Spanish and fell in love with the language all over again. I fell in love with the Chilean culture and people in Chillán! Living with a host family was the most comforting and enriching part because you get to experience day to day life of the culture while being supported by someone! Florencia (the program director) is such an inspiring and selfless woman who cares about creating life changing opportunities for students. My experience opened my eyes to the world of possibilities and how stepping outside of your comfort zone opens so many new doors! " -Allison Stears

Allison Stears

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