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The University of Oslo is Norway’s largest and oldest institution of higher education. It was founded in 1811 when Norway was still under Danish rule. It is currently ranked as one of the world's top 100 universities by Shanghai World Ranking.  Today, the University of Oslo has approximately 27,000 students, 13% of which are international students. It is also the home of four Nobel Prize winners which demonstrates the quality of the research at this university. Exchange students will be fully immersed in this modern research university. The exchange offers academic programs for both undergraduate and post-graduate students. There are currently more than 800 courses aimed at exchange students with over 40 graduate programmes taught in English. This exchange program requires students to have a high level of independence, self-reliance, and flexibility to manage the administrative necessities. This program is ideal for students who are seeking a full immersion into a highly regarded Norwegian university.

NOTICE: This program will not be available after Winter 2020.

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GPA Requirement
2.5 Undergraduate
3.0 Graduate
No Language
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Courses available to GVSU exchange students at the University of Oslo:

Course Options Use this button to search all available course options and descriptions.

Pre-Approved Courses Note: This course list indicates courses that have been previously approved. It is not a list of available courses on this program.

Course Approval Process Students registering for courses that have not been pre-approved will need to follow the course approval instructions. 

Students interested in satisfying general education courses abroad can find more information on our General Education page.

The credit system at the University of Oslo is quite different from the US system. Students will take fewer classes (usually 3), but can expect a similar workload to a GVSU semester with 5 classes. The credits per course range from 5 to 20. The Norwegian credits are called "studiepoeng." The studiepoeng is similar in value to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). Typically, 2 studiepoeng credits will count as 1 GVSU credit. Since most of GVSU courses are 3 credit courses, PIC may adjust the credit amount by adding additional IS 380 credits to recognize the full semester credit load the student is completing abroad.


Students studying at the University of Oslo will live in residence halls provided that the required information is submitted  by the deadline. Most housing units are single rooms. You will receive additional information on securing your housing placement with your acceptance materials from the University of Oslo. Additional information can be found at:

University of Oslo offers a wide range of housing options for students to choose from. Not all of the housing units are close to campus. Many of the units will require students to commute. The apartment complexes that are closest to campus are th Vestgrensa Student Village (10-15 minute walk) or the Sogn Student Village (20-25 minute walk).

There are many restaurants and cafes near UiO. Additionally, there are student cafeterias where students can enjoy a reasonably priced meal.

Past GVSU students have recommended living in Sogn or Kringsjå. These student villages are full of other international students and Norwegian students alike, and both have small grocery stores right within them, with easy access transportation to get to school, downtown, or anywhere else in the city. Kringsjå has much taller buildings (sometimes upwards of 10 floors), and is a little further away from the city, near the forest and a big beautiful lake called Sognsvann. Sogn is right by a soccer stadium, with shorter buildings, and a little bit more of a neighborhood type feeling, and is also a bit closer to school, downtown, the gym, etc. Kringsjå is just a 20 minute walk north of Sogn.

Cost and Scholarships


Cost Breakdown


PARTNERSHIP GRANT: The Padnos International Center will be providing (2) $1000 Partnership Grants for students spending a semester or year at this partner. If more than two students apply for the program, decisions on awards will be made based on the strength of a student’s application and financial need. Students may be eligible for more than $1,000, but two applicants will receive a minimum of $1,000 in grant support. Decisions on awards will be made following the application deadline. Eligibility Criteria

Additional Scholarships


Health insurance CHUBB ($160) is mandatory and its estimated based on 120 days ($1.33 / day). Actual cost may vary and will be based on your exact travel dates. Policy details

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Open to all majors. 2.5 GPA (undergraduate) or 3.0 GPA (graduate)

Additional Information

Host University Website

Campus Info / Campus Life

UiO is a short distance to Oslo's city center, making it accessible to shops, restaurants, cafes, and more. The Norwegian Student Society in Oslo also offers concerts, lectures, improv theatre groups, social events, and a wide range of other social activities. New international students will also become members of the International Student's Union (ISU) which publishes a newsletter, and arranges various academic and social events for international students who are new to the area.  For the outdoor lovers, Norway offers stunning hiking trails and scenic tours. There are also many sports activities for those who like to stay active!

Students who submit a request will be introduced to a "buddy" at the start of the semester. Your buddy will introduce you to UiO and the city during your first few days.

Fall semester is 18 weeks in duration

Spring/GV's Winter is 21 weeks in duration.

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Visa Requirements

US citizens will be required to apply for a residence permit for stays longer than 90 days.  The student visa guide provides information regarding the application process. Please note that the appropriate consulate or embassy must be consulted for the most up-to-date visa information.

Additional information can also be found on the UiO Residence Permit Website

Arrival Information

Students typically fly into Oslo's International Airport. UiO offers an arrival guide with information on making your way from the airport to the University. The Olso airport also offers information on getting to the city centre.

CDC Report

CDC Report

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US State Department Country Information (Norway)

US State Department - Students Abroad

US Embassy in Norway

Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) - Crime & Safety Report


Application Timeline

The University of Oslo has a lot of information available on its website for new international students. Please refer to the website for details on arrival instructions, orientation, registering for classes, signing up for housing, immigration questions, and more.

Academic Calendar

Guide for New Students

Students with special needs

Resources for Emergency Situations

Health and Safety Resources

Reporting an Incident

PIC Emergency Procedures

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"I was able to learn about an entirely different form of government, economics, and society during my time in Oslo. While studying at the University of Oslo, I gained not only academic knowledge, but also cultural understanding, which helped to broaden my perspectives. During my time in Oslo, the program took me to government facilities, field trips, and hiking excursions all to help me better understand the Norwegian lifestyle. Ever since my trip abroad, language has sparked my interest and has led me to want to learn more languages abroad. It was an experience that has helped me shape my career aspirations as well as pushing me to pursue more study abroad opportunities in northern Europe." -Brody Cragg

Brody Cragg standing on the peak of a mountain

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