Meet the Director: Netherlands Geography


Dr. Jeroen Wagendorp, Director of Study Abroad: Cultural Geographies and Landscape Planning.

  • Applied Geographer and Department of Geography and Planning Chair for 10 years with credentials in Planning and Geospatial Technologies.
  • A Dutch National now in his 38th year of Study Abroad in the United States!!
  • Worked in Public Environmental Health as Land Use and Water Resource Specialist for 9 years.
  • Worked as Director of Land & Geographic Information Systems Department for 7 years.
  • Received the State of Michigan, Geographic Information Science Service Award in 2011.
  • Fully bi-cultural between the Netherlands and United States and related to prominent Dutch Columnist and Author.
  • Organizer of several Dutch expat events in Michigan associated with the House of Orange and other significant national events.

On Study Abroad in the Netherlands:

West Michigan has the largest concentration of ethnic Dutch outside of the Netherlands. While the Netherlands and West Michigan share the same “Calvinist” cultural legacy, contemporary 21st Century Dutch society is in many ways the polar opposite of West Michigan. 17 million people occupy an area one fourth the size of Michigan in an exclusive sociologically and physically planned environment. Optimization of the well-being of society and physical environments is paramount while balanced with individual innovation and private entrepreneurship. Get a taste of this literal and figuratively omnipotent rich environment by joining us for 16 days.

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