Insurance Information

GVSU Medical Insurance Policy

As you plan your study abroad program, we want to remind you of the importance of having adequate medical coverage for your time abroad. Your health and safety are extremely important, therefore GVSU requires all students to have health insurance coverage for the duration of their study abroad program. We hope the following information proves to be useful in the planning process.

GVSU Policy
GVSU offers coverage to all students participating in a study abroad program that will be charged to your student account. Details on this coverage can be found here. The current cost of this coverage s $1.27 per day.

GVSU requires all study abroad participants to demonstrate proof of health, accident, emergency evacuation, accidental death and repatriation, and hospitalization insurance that is valid in the host country for the duration of their study abroad program. The coverage must meet the minimum requirements listed in the table:

Medical Insurance Requirements


Amount of Required Coverage

Maximum per accident


Maximum per sickness






Pre-existing conditions

Treated as any other medical condition

Prescription Drugs


Maximum for dental treatment

$1,000 (injury only)

Maximum for Room and Board charges

Average semi-private room rate

Maximum for Emergency Medical Treatment of Pregnancy

Treated as any other medical condition

Maximum for ICU Room and Board Charges

Maximum for ICU Room and Board Charges

Maximum for Mental and Nervous Disorders

$10,000 (Inpatient) | $10,000 (Outpatient)

Emergency Medical Evacuation


Repatriation of Remains


Emergency Reunion Benefit

$10,000 ($300 daily max, up to 7 days)

Home Country Extension Benefit

5,000 ($0 deductible, up to 30 days)

Security Evacuation


Accidental Death & Dismemberment



If you have determined that you possess coverage that meets the minimum GVSU requirements, you can contact the Padnos International Center for information on a waiver.