Independent Study Course Approval Process

Step 1: Identify a Faculty Supervisor

Identify a GVSU professor to supervise your independent study and issue credits. Either your current academic adviser and/or department head is a good place to start making inquiries.

The GVSU supervisor will usually ask to see your independent study description and information on your placement site. Arrange to meet early so that you can discuss your plans, arrange for coursework and credits, or find another supervisor if necessary.

Independent Study

Step 2: Complete Faculty Supervisory Form

After you've met with a faculty supervisor and decided which credits you will be receiving, please complete a Faculty Supervisory Form.

Step 3: Set Up an Appointment with the Internship Coordinator

Set up an appointment with Elena Selezneva ( Make sure that you bring all information about your independent study to this meeting. Also remember to bring faculty form(s) signed by your advisor(s), as well as a course syllabus. This meeting is required for all students pursuing Independent Study abroad. It serves to ensure the validity of your chosen program as well as verify proper documentation for GVSU approval of your course of study. 

Step 4: Complete an Oasis Independent Study Application

Your independent study application will be reviewed. Acceptance is not guaranteed.

Step 5: Register for Courses

After you have identified a faculty supervisor and figured out what credits you will be receiving abroad, you may register for the appropriate independent study course on myBanner.  Tuition will be charged by GVSU.

Important Notes

Students participating in independent study programs abroad for GVSU credit will pay GVSU tuition in addition to the independent study program provider. Paper work must be completed a minimum of six weeks prior to departure.

For more detailed information please see Independent Study Guide.

Page last modified November 30, 2017