Disciplinary Issues

Grand Valley State University, through its official representatives, including, but not limited to, a Program Director, has the authority to establish rules of conduct necessary for the operation of a program during the entire period of the program, including free time. The illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol during the entire period of the program, including free time is strictly prohibited. Should an official representative of GVSU decide that a participant must be dismissed from the program because of violation of any stated rules, for disruptive behavior, or for any conduct that might bring the program into disrepute or its participants into legal jeopardy, that decision will be final. Dismissal from the program will result in the loss of all academic credit for the program. Persons dismissed from the program will remain responsible for all program costs incurred on their behalf and any additional costs resulting from their dismissal and early departure. 

While I am studying abroad, I will be enrolled as a degree candidate at GVSU and, consequently, continue to be subject to GVSU's Student Code of Conduct and all other applicable University policies, rules or regulations. Additionally, I agree to adhere to all policies and regulations established by the host institution.

Students studying overseas on GVSU programs are still GVSU students and remain subject to the rules and policies governing all GVSU students.  This includes policies relating to academic history, harassment, and plagiarism, to name only a few.  Furthermore, the Faculty Director may establish his or her own policies and may, for example, require students to adhere to a Study Abroad Code of Conduct.  Finally, students are subject to the laws of their host country.  These laws may be very different from U.S. laws, and punishments may be more severe. GVSU and U.S. government are unable to assist students who have broken the laws of another nation.  Therefore, students would do well to be on their best behavior and to resist the temptation to act out inhibitions they would never dream of indulging in the U.S.

Page last modified April 28, 2014