Cost Breakdown for University of Oslo (Summer)

This is the estimated budget for this study abroad program. It serves as an estimated cost of attendance for your semester or year abroad. Students often pay for study abroad through a combination of financial aid, personal funds, scholarships, grants, and alternative loans. The total amount listed as the Total Program Cost is the maximum amount of financial aid that can be awarded to you by GVSU. This total program cost does not reflect the amount of aid you will qualify for, rather, it serves as the cap on what can be awarded.

Summer (based on 2018 estimates)




Program Fee


*Includes room, board, tuition for 2 courses, extracurricular activities, one weekend excursion, and health insurance.

Paid to the University of Oslo. Students may register for up to 2 courses in the summer, but additional charges may apply.

IS 380 Course Fee


Paid to GVSU. The IS 380 course fee is $28 per credit hour. Participants of this program will register for 3 credits of IS 380.

Additional Costs




Passport/Visa/Res. Permit


Passport fees: $145

Flight & bus to Oslo from airport


Paid to Airline Provider and bus/train service

Health insurance/ISIC

$25 - $200

Paid to Insurance Provider of your choosing. The Basic ISIC card is $25 and will meet the PIC health insurance requirement.

Books and Supplies


On-site Personal Expenses which is paid out-of-pocket.


Meals included in program fee.

On-site personal expenses. 

Personal Expenses


On-site personal expenses associated with local transportation, laundry, cell phone purchase, and basic necessities. Based on $80 per week based on 6 weeks.


(Costs billed by GVSU + Additional Costs)

$5,851 - $6,023**

Summer applicant can get program information on the University of Oslo's website at: 

This budget is based on the currency exchange rate on August 1, 2018. The exchange rate may fluctuate which may impact the above estimates. 1 NOK = .119USD

Students interested in applying for the International Summer School through the Uni of Oslo may be eligible to apply for a scholarship offered by the University of Oslo. All inquiries and application questions should be directed to the Uni of Oslo. Deadlines are very early. Students are encouraged to inquire about the scholarship prior to January 15.      


 Applicants are strongly encourage to review the scholarship information on the UiO website for the Summer School. SCHOLARHIP DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 1.  Past GVSU participants have been awarded a partial scholarship which waives the program fee.

**The cost of any study abroad program depends to a large extent on the participant's personal spending habits and lifestyle. Personal travel, entertainment, gifts, souvenirs, and other types of personal spending are costs not reflected in the above estimates.