Computer and Information Systems (MS)

There are many study abroad opportunities all over the world, so why not intern, take some classes, and explore the world while receiving credit?

Computer information


One option is to take a course in building cloud infrastructure and mobile application development at The Zurich University of Applied Sciences while visiting the Swiss Alps on the Faculty led program.

Another option is to find an internship in software product development, IT networking, telecommunications, web development, E-commerce/marketing, and CRM Systems in places such as Ireland, China, and South Africa through Experiential Learning International, for an example.


Academic Advice

  • Department input requested
  • Consider fulfilling your Issues General Education requirement abroad. Fin d out how!
  • Visit the CIS Study Abroad website for further information


  • Courses will be reviewed on a case by case basis through the course equivalency process.

Keep in Mind

  • Once you have selected a program, be sure to meet with your adviser at least three months prior to departing for your program.
  • Be sure to explore both GVSU and non-GVSU options by browsing the Program Suggestions below. Students are not limited to GVSU study abroad programs.
  • There are several opportunities to intern and or volunteer while abroad.
  • Students are also able to fulfill general education requirements abroad, including their General Education Issues requirement.

Program Suggestions

You are not limited to the program options listed below. 
Explore other non-GVSU options by using the search engines listed below.

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Not finding a program on this list that meets your needs? Explore other options.

IMPORTANT: You can also complete your General Education requirements abroad. 

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To determine the GVSU course equivalencies for courses taken abroad, please view the “How to Request Course Equivalencies” page. For more information email Department Contact below.

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